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SMTP errors

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by awirth, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. awirth

    awirth Guest

    Hey all,

    I'm having errors sending through my SMTP server.
    http://www.andrewwirth.com/one.jpg http://www.andrewwirth.com/two.jpg

    I have read previous posts and am almost sure it is because port 25 is blocked by ISP or something.

    Soooo, I want to use a different port for my server, but the solutions posted in the past don't seem applicable to my server. The files people say to edit do not seem to exist on my server. (/etc/xinetd.d/)

    my /etc folder only has 3 pointless files...

    Any ideas?
  2. Dragons Master

    Dragons Master Guest

    hmm is your box completely new? because if so u do know u need to install mail software and to configure your server to handle mail right?
    If not than I hope u are aware of the fact that '/etc' is where most of your setting files should be o_O

    well let's see perhaps in some extremely bizarre way your system is set up all conf files somewhere else..
    let's look for some common configuration files' path.. first, let's try mysql configuration file, my.cnf, open SSH and type:
    find / -name my.cnf
    wait until it's done, it should take several good minutes.. if that for some extremely odd reason didn't output anything u can try simply looking for xinetd.d folder by typing
    find / -name xinetd.d
    If that won't work I would simply call whoever installed the initial stuff on the server and beat the **** out of him.
  3. awirth

    awirth Guest

    I will / am doing the precedures you outlined. In the mean time, it is a new box from godaddy.com and has qmail on it.
  4. Dragons Master

    Dragons Master Guest

    And u have Plesk Reloaded 7.5.x installed on it? hmm.. what files do you have in your '/etc' dir?

    There's the possibility that your system uses inetd and tcpd instead of xinetd.

    Anyways if it's new and should be working and your only problem is the port problem then u can google for tunnel forwarding or I think u can just backup your /etc/services file, open it (if u have it lol) and modify
    smtp 25/tcp mail
    smtp 25/udp mail

    smtp 587/tcp mail
    smtp 587/udp mail

    I'm not quite sure that will do it as i've never tested it nor intend to test it myself, I'd rather do port forwarding with iptables (if u got it installed I suggest u'll read a good manual - since all u have is incoming then u can easily forward incoming port X into port 25 with iptables). Problem with iptables is that the data is being deleted with every reboot - hence it's suggested to add your iptables setting to some setting file that's being loaded when your box reboots.

    sorry for the mess in the post :p
  5. awirth

    awirth Guest

    only three files in my etc folder are