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  1. Joshua Sortino

    Joshua Sortino Guest

    Are there any plugins or modules that allow for easy snapshot creation/restoration?

    I would like the ability to take a snapshot of a website, the databases, etc... and easily restore it if something is corrupted.
  2. Joshua Sortino

    Joshua Sortino Guest


    I'm looking into something like Acronis True Image ... but this restores the entire server. There is no option (as far as I know) to restore an individual site.
  3. TatianaS

    TatianaS Guest

    Dear Joshua,

    With the current version of backup and restore utilities installed with your Parallels Plesk control panel, you can:

    - Back up the entire server. The backup archive will include your control panel license key, mail server and DNS server settings, information on database servers, domain templates, virtual host templates, user accounts, domains, Web sites with Web content, SSL certificates, databases, Web applications, and custom buttons.

    - Back up individual user accounts with domains. The backup archive will include all control panel configurations and data related to the user account and user's domains (Web sites), including the information on resource allotments and permissions to perform operations within the control panel.

    - Back up individual domains (Web sites). The backup archive will include all data related to domain administrator's account, domain (Web site) and mail services, including the contents of mailboxes, Horde Turba address book contact lists, anti-spam and anti-virus settings.

    - Schedule backups.

    - Restore your data from backup archives.

    Please, see the following article for more information:


    Thank you
  4. Joshua Sortino

    Joshua Sortino Guest

    This is exactly what we were looking for. I can't believed I missed this feature before! Thank you.