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Spam Assassin: Training

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by MattG, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. MattG

    MattG Guest

    Is it possible to train the Spam Assassin in Plesk for Windows 7.5.5?

    My server is being hammered with spam and Spam Assassin, although I know is working, isn't doing its job properly.

  2. SecondPhase

    SecondPhase Guest


    Not sure, i just asked a follow up question in another thread on this.. I'm slowly getting my new server up to speed with spam control. Installing the razor 2 module has helped SA perform better..

    i haven't found the SA plug-in methods yet to turn on DCC or pyzor, others have reported using these as well. Any tips on these modules?

    i'm also looking into graylisting..

    but yes i'm interested in how people are doing SA training without having a system wide SA setup.. can one just copy existing bayes_ files (from another machine or user) to individual mail users directories? then sync or something?


    FYI: i'm not on a windows machine... did notice had gotten over to this forum..
  3. superm0nk

    superm0nk Guest

    Use the sa-learn command from cmd line.

    Organize a large folder of known spam, navigate to the folder one level higher than your spam folder (something like c:\program files\swsoft\plesk\mail servers\mail enable\domains\domain.com\account\mailroot) then type "sa-learn --spam spamfoldername"

    Do the same thing with the --ham argument to train it for known good e-mail.