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Spamassassin purchased thru plesk and does nothing!!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by pdescham49, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. pdescham49

    pdescham49 Guest

    Good day all ;) from (7.5.2-fc2.build75050128.11)

    Well I decided instead of configuring spamassasin this time I would just go ahead and purchase it thru plesk to save me some time configuring. WOAH was that a mistake.

    Well needless to say I purchased it and it does nothing.
    Sitts there and took my $49.00US

    Did Server wide settings user settings. etc.
    The process is running. Originally thought it was using the non PSA-Spamassassin but I made sure it wasn't (well at least it is no starting via the psa-Spamassassin script. ;)

    In hopes that it was my fault that spammassassin was not working I Found out that port 783/tcp needs to be open for Spamassassin to work yes i was blocking it so i though 4 sure that was going to fix it. But no. just sits there sucking up cpu cycles.

    BTW the MAPS works great. if you manually edit the smtp_psa file and add multiple servers manually LOL.. so glad I bought plesk. All the manual configuration i have done for work arounds

    I can confirm the MAPS bug where adding multiple servers destroy's the smtp_psa server line. leaves an extra "-r 0" (editing it manually and it woks perfectly. :)

    I purchased Plesk (again) because of the idea that i would not have to manage or configure things manually as much. What have i had to configure?

    Manually configure BIND wildcard DNS(subdomains). (because there is no longer an option for it in this version)

    Install CLAMAV (because a Broken out of the box DR web solution that only has a 15 user license is pathetic)

    Manually configure MAPS and piss around with a broken Spamassassin

    Oh but the graphics are pretty. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Anyone have any idea where to begin? that knows what i am talking about?
  2. CBiLL

    CBiLL Guest

    it worked .. before the 7.5 that is .. they broke it and if you read my posts in suggestion and feedback you would had seen posts that my clients are all complaining about spamassassin quit working ..

    7.5 upgrade really screwed it up big time however spamasssasin works now but the interface is still broken and the spamassassin is still needing to be fixed ..

    you have to do set twice or something for it to update the file correctly and it wipes the .qmail in each mailbox when a change is made in spam assassin interface that I have to go in manually and update it adding the scores choices and scores back in it .

    Also spamassassin when running should always mark in the heading what score it gave it even if it passes the test but that only works in "marked email with spam" and you will see spam assasssin score in every email header you get but if you select "delete spam email" then that score no longer appear in the email header but it does delete spam however those spam that managed to pass the spam assassin you can't look in the header to see what score it got for passing it and what ruleset it managed to avoid (if your using custom ruleset which I am) to adjust the ruleset so its annoying of having to enable "marked with spam" for several days and getting a bunch of ****spam**** emails so it would mark all the non-spam email with score result in it's header then adjust the ruleset and go back to "delete spam email"

    Don't get me wrong .. spam interface was worth having until they broke it and have not fix it since then and I even emailed support and all I get is "We send this off to our programmer" replies

    It works but it still broken in many ways ..

  3. pdescham49

    pdescham49 Guest

    Oh i know

    My bigest problem is like i said I purchased it so i wouldn't have to manually configure it. and I now have to.

    I used 6.0 forever and did the upgrade to 7.5.2 on a new system because i enjoyed 6.0 not this "reloaded" thing is reloaded with bugs. i would have rather installed 6.0 again and just manually configured Spammassasin and clamav manually like i did before.

    DR. web is a scam and $49.00 for something that is free dosen't make sence. I paid the $49.00 because I didn't want to have to set it up. not i am paying the $49.00 and to set it up myself..

    Come on now.
  4. webrebel

    webrebel Guest

    A better question, Does ANYTHING from plesk work out of the box????
  5. belyakov

    belyakov Guest

    I would never suggest buying plesk to any of my friends.
  6. tanstaafl@

    tanstaafl@ Guest

    What instead?

    But what solution should you mean if not Plesk?
  7. Erik

    Erik Guest

    Its not working here either. It used to work, but then after some update it did not anymore.