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SSL Certificate is Wrong

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by nibb@, May 3, 2005.

  1. nibb@

    nibb@ Guest

    I have a domain that uses its own IP, i installed both a COMODO and a StarterSSL, not onw works, not even the Default Plesk SSL shows if i choose it. When you go to the secure url of the domain it shows on the certificate SomeOrganization, somedomain, localhost.localdomain
    and stuff like that, but it will not shows my certificates or the plesk own, it has its own IP, and the config seems all right, isnt there a way to log into the server and make plesk choose the right one or if anybody had this problem before please help, for months now i could not resolve this.
  2. exothermic

    exothermic Guest

    Make sure you have done two things:

    1.) assigned the cert to an IP via the ip pool

    2.) setup the domain on the correct IP.

    If you have done both of those things, then all should be well. If it still isn't working then reload the domain via /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/webmgr or something like that.
  3. nibb@

    nibb@ Guest

    Could it be that the IP has the wrong Subnet mask? The shared ip has the mask
    but i set up the exclusive ip with
    Could this be, i mean i dont wich subnet it should use for the exclusive one.
  4. exothermic

    exothermic Guest

    This should be independent of your IP problems. You can verify the SSL by going to


    if you get the correct SSL it is setup right. if you don't get anything then you have IP problems that need answering in a different post.

  5. nibb@

    nibb@ Guest

    If i go to https://myip i get the same error.
    localhost.locadomain as certificate, so that means the ip is wrong right? Its not a ssl issue then? But everything works perfect on the domain, just the ssl doesnt show.
  6. exothermic

    exothermic Guest

    No, if what you say is true, then the cert is not attached to the IP. Did you follow those two steps I outlined?
  7. nibb@

    nibb@ Guest

    Yes i did, the exclusive IP is on the domain only, the domain and IP setup is configure to show the SSL. Now i configured to just use the Default plesk ssl, and still i get the local.domain
    Yes i think the Plesk is not attaching the right SSL. I go to https://myip
    No matter if configured everything to use my ssl or the default one, its just keeps showing the same one. I restarted the server but the same. Why does plesk attach that SSL, i dont now. Is there maybe somehting mess up on the httpd.conf or something where it points to the wrong ssl. Im starting to thing the IP is not correcly setup thats why plesk does not attach the right SSL.
    How could i check this?
    Could it be what i said the subnet mask or doest that nothing to do with the IP+SSL?