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Thinking about upgrading to 7.6

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by jpboyce, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. jpboyce

    jpboyce Guest

    Currently I'm running Plesk 7.5.6 and am thinking about upgrading to 7.6 I just got a couple of questions about it.

    1. I currently have Software Update Service subscription that I renews in April this year. Would I have to pay anything to upgrade to 7.6 or would my SUS subscription cover this?

    2. Are there any major issues anyone has run into with 7.6? Some of the things I'm running at the moment are PHP 5, mySQL, SQL Server, ASP and MailEnable Pro 1.75

    3. Are there any outstanding benefits that anyone has seen from personal experience with 7.6 that makes it a highly beneficial upgrade?

  2. matija

    matija Guest


    It's abailable to you at no charge if you renewed your SUS.

    heh, it would be best if you browsed the Troubleshooting forum a bit. People had problem with statistics, directory permissions, backups, spamassassin... Lots of these have been fixed in 7.6.1 update, but it seems some still have issues.
    SWsoft in general never replies to any of threads in forums, so if you support period ended, you're on your own and rely on good will of people on these forums. Some of these things can be fixed manually.

    There is hMailServer support, MailEnable 2.0 and .NET webmail support, SpamAssassin training feature, subdirectories point to normal directories withing root, multiple FTP logins and more (you can find all the new features in release notes).

    As you can't expect from us to tell you should you upgrade or not (due to many issues people had - it's like lottery with Plesk - it works flawlessly at one machine and buggy on the other) I can only suggest to upgrade to 7.6.1 if you decide to upgrade. We upgraded and so far so good.
    Also, prior upgrading, make full backup and stop Plesk completely.

    gl & hf
  3. jpboyce

    jpboyce Guest

    Re: Re: Thinking about upgrading to 7.6

    Yeah that's kinda why I haven't jumped into 7.6 head first when it first came out. I've had a lot of bad experience when I have done that with other software so I tend to go for a wait and see approach now.

    Yeah I have noticed on the forums some people seem to have runs of bad luck with Plesk. My experience so far has been fairly positive, no major issues. Thanks for the reply.
  4. mahdionline

    mahdionline Guest


    when I try to upgrade from 7.5.6 to 7.6.1 :

    - in "Update System" step :

    - in or after : update DotNetNuke

    I get this error :

    error1713, plesk 7.6.1 for windows caanot install one of it's required products. contact your technical support.

    and then exit.

    What's the problem ?
  5. alpha_xs

    alpha_xs Guest

    upgrade or not?!

    I can tell you one thing:

    Don't be as stupid as we were.

    We did an upgrade as well a new fresh clean installation of Plesk 7.6.1, and troubles and problems all over it.

    From different parties we'd heard the story after having such a probs, it is your script, it is php, it's this or it's that.

    4 days later, today: We did installed 7.5 again, on the machine where 7.6.1 is installed a several times and gues what:

    All thing, all scripts are working fine. Exactly how they supposed to be working.
    And yeah problems where coming also out of php.
    Bu an upgrade tot php5 results in not working of the CP an so many other things.

    So my advice is: If your system is running fine, and only have severall thins in a month / 2 months or longer.
    Take them for what they are and live with it.
    Welcome to the world of plesk for windows.

    And yeah i'm a little upset right now.
    It cost me 6 days now to find out that support of SW-Soft is really terrible. (we have a active SUS until the 11 of december).
    In the past year we had only a lot of troubles with our windows system i.c.w. plesk.
    The system runs fine, but still little things. I'll ake them now for what they are, because it whas nothing compared to what i've seen in the past six days.

    Little notice or tip for sw-soft: Maybe it is smart to take a close look to 7.6.1. again, and release some updates and bug files as fast as possible, because i do think that a lot of users are going to complain about these "little" things.

    Succes with upgrading (or not), en hosting pleasure!