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Update failed 7.5.2

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by wartek, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. wartek

    wartek Guest

    On RH9 PLesk 7.5.2 the updater have still some newer versions of some packages.

    • Application vault packages Jan 25, 2005 Feb 2, 2005,
      ASP support Dez 16, 2004 Jan 28, 2005,
      Base packages of Plesk Dez 16, 2004 Jan 28, 2005,
      Plesk API [former Plesk Agent] Jan 28, 2005 Jan 28, 2005 ?,
      Plesk Professional Web Site Editor Dez 16, 2004 Jan 28, 2005,
      SPAM blocker for QMail daemon Dez 16, 2004 Jan 28, 2005,
      SpamAssassin support Dez 16, 2004 Jan 28, 2005,
      SSHTerm - SSH Terminal java applet Dez 16, 2004 Jan 28, 2005,
      Tomcat Java Servlets support Dez 16, 2004 Jan 28, 2005.

    What i have to do that the update would be installed totally?

    18 pages logfile.pdf could been found here

    ty, tom
  2. wartek

    wartek Guest


    updating the system first helped.
  3. Rocky@

    Rocky@ Guest


    I am also having the same problem. Can you tell me what you meant by updating the system and how?


  4. wartek

    wartek Guest


    Simply open console as root and type
    #apt-get -f update && apt-get -f dist-upgrade
    #yum update
    what installer u ever have.

    you can get apt by typing:
    #mkdir /downloads
    #mkdir /downloads/apt
    #cd /downloads/apt
    for redhat 9 type:
    # wget http://dag.wieers.com/packages/apt/apt-0.5.15cnc6-3.0.rh9.dag.i386.rpm
    for fedora core1 type:
    # wget http://dag.wieers.com/packages/apt/apt-0.5.15cnc6-3.1.fc1.dag.i386.rpm
    for fedora core 3 type:
    #wget http://dag.wieers.com/packages/apt/apt-0.5.15cnc6-4.1.fc3.rf.i386.rpm
    # rpm -ivh apt-0.5.15cnc6-4.1.fc3.rf.i386.rpm

    before running apt updates make sure your rpm list has the right entries. control the file /etc/apt/sourses.list.d/atrpms.list
    make sure there is the line
    rpm http://apt.atrpms.net redhat/9/en/i386/ at-stable
    if it is not then u should add it or u uncomment one of the preconfigured line which would pass your system.

    if there are any questions please ask: linux@tekfreework.at
  5. Rocky@

    Rocky@ Guest

    Thank you so much for the information.

    I managed to fixed the Plesk update by up2dating PHP.

    However, I can't update my RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.

    I will appreciate it if you can tell me how.

  6. wartek

    wartek Guest

    Update RH ES3

    Dear sam,

    with package Rh ES3 you bought an system entitlement for a year. before u r able to run up2date u must configure ur redhat right for update. more information could be found at https://rhn.redhat.com.
    the best way updating without buying entitlements is using apt or yum.
    look at my previous post but try
    # wget http://dag.wieers.com/packages/apt/apt-0.5.15cnc6-3.1.el3.dag.i386.rpm
    # rpm -ivh apt-0.5.15cnc6-3.1.el3.dag.i386.rpm
    add the following line into /etc/apt/sources.list.d/atrrpms.list
    rpm http://apt.atrpms.net rhel/3/en/i386 at-testing/RPMS/

    run the apt update as described before.

    hope this helps

  7. Rocky@

    Rocky@ Guest

    Hi Tom, you are very generous! That's exactly what I am looking for. Now my RHES3 is updated. Thank you!

    My next step is to update my Apache, do you have a favorite way?