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Updating SiteBuilder Localization for Addon Modules

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Nate Custer, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Nate Custer

    Nate Custer Guest


    We have a customer who is using SiteBuilder in Hungarian. He is trying to use the Blog and Forum modules, but they contain untranslated strings. He is willing to provide the strings and translation, but I can't see where you have a venue for submitting them. How should we pass these changes upstream?

    Nate C
  2. mikap

    mikap Guest


    I was write all of problems for Hostgator before (what Nat Custer write above), but then I write once again (the problems and how was I to fixed it):

    So the problems are in the SiteBuilders Special Pages:
    - Blog
    - Forum,

    and in the Feedback Module.

    The problems: there are wrong texts/words, where must be normally a hungarian words/texts. I was set this words like this:
    1: in the Feedback module: the value for Modules/Feedback/Form_:_reqFields would be entered in the file at
    public_html/resources/locale/hu_HU/Modules/Feedback/Form.lng ,
    I was set more words in other texts too, because it was not so correct, see ALL texts (and USE ALL of this text to set the correct text, because so is it corect in hungarian!):

    back = "Vissza"
    isDouble = "Kérjük, érvényes dupla számot adjon meg."
    isEmail = "Kérjük, érvényes e-mail címet adjon meg."
    isInt = "Kérjük, érvényes egész számot adjon meg."
    isPhone = "Kérjük, érvényes telefonszámot adjon meg."
    notEmpty = "Kérjük, az összes szükséges mezőt töltse ki."
    send = "Küld"
    sendAfter = "A rendszerünk biztonsági okokból fél óránként egy e-mailt enged elküldeni. Kérjük, az üzenetét fél óra múlva küldje újra."
    reqFields = "A mezők kitöltése szükséges."

    2: Blog: I was set this some words and I was added the last line (backToHome = "Vissza") in the public_html/resources/locale/hu_HU/Modules/Blogger/PubComment.lng folder, see ALL texts (and USE ALL of this text to set the correct text, because so is it corect in hungarian!):

    addComment = "Új megjegyzés hozzáadása. A *-gal jelölt mezők kitöltése szükséges."
    addCommentLink = "Új megjegyzés hozzáadása"
    anonymous = "Névtelen"
    comment = "Megjegyzés"
    commentEmpty = "Kérjük írja be a megjegyzését."
    comments = "Megjegyzések"
    name = "Név"
    nameEmpty = "Kérjük írja be a nevét."
    navigateTo = "Továbblépés:"
    noSubject = "Nincs tárgy"
    subject = "Tárgy"
    subjectEmpty = "Kérjük adja meg a hozzászólásának tárgyát."
    submit = "Elküld"
    backToHome = "Vissza"

    But in the Blog and in the Forum the captchas are wrong too, there was all IN ENGLISH and the text encoding was in something US... (I forgot) not UTF-8 what the right is. I was set here :

    I was write this (all of words translated to hungarian):

    failed = "Elgépelte a biztonsági kódot. Kérjük, próbálja újra!."
    refreshImageTitle = "Kép frissítése"
    title = "Kérjük, írja be a képen látható biztonsági kódot (betűket)!"

    This problem is with the captcha in Forum too, but I was just checked the Forum, I don't use it and I don't know, so maybe this 2 captchas are the same scripts.

    I hope I was write all understanding (my english is not so well, sorry), and if You have any questions or help, or translating, then write me!

    And please, send this infos to developers ANYWAY, because this is a big help for hungarians (and I was work 2 hours with this text and I don't want to work for nothing... ;) )!!

    I hope You can fix this problems, this are not big work (only 15-30 minutes max.)

    So, best regards,