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Upgrade from 7.1.6 to 7.5.(4)

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Laurent Bauer, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Laurent Bauer

    Laurent Bauer Guest


    I would like to upgrade a plesk server with fedora core 2 from 7.1.6 to 7.5, 7.5.4 would be great.
    I already upgraded another plesk server directly from 7.1.4 to 7.5.4, and got a lot of trouble :
    - empty httpd.conf file
    - webmail disappeared (as I restored the old apache conf), then in arabic
    - horde address book not installed
    - problem with statistics not running, then running again after running the script once manually.
    I have a daily backup, but I would rather avoiding this trouble this time, if possible :)

    I probably was a little too self-confident when upgrading major versions, I would like to know if there was a safer way to upgrade to 7.5.
    For example, should I do :
    - 7.1.6 to 7.1.7
    - 7.1.7 to 7.5.1
    - 7.5.1 to 7.5.4

    Moreover, I already upgraded mysql client and server to 4.0.24, which is currently running quite well.
    Could there be a problem with this version, when I upgrade plesk ? (plesk panel shows : "mysql : Component was not installed", I guess it is confused by the versions in RPM database ?)

    Thanks for your answers.

  2. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    You should go directly to 7.5.4. MySQL shouldn't be an issue as MySQL4/4.1 is fully supported now. Other issues are difficult to avoid unless you perform such work regularly as there's so many things to look out for. When I perform upgrades there's a bunch of common problems I see, then the odd other issue, but the common problems you quickly learn how to fix.
  3. Laurent Bauer

    Laurent Bauer Guest

    Resolving such issues as disabling "Ioncube_loader" php module to switch the webmail language from arabic to english (or french) wasn't such an obvious thing, though :)

    Do you know if there is a howto somewhere, or a changelog I could follow to be a little more efficient next time ?

    Thanks for helping,

  4. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    I didn't say it was obvious, just that since I perform Plesk upgrades for people on a daily basis I'm used to seeing the same problems occur time and time again, and know how to fix them quickly. :)

    There's nothing other than the FAQ that I know of which can help with common problems. Although it doesn't cover things in detail and doesn't cover everything.