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Upgrade from 7.5.3 to 7.5.4 Reconfigurator Error and solution

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by SupermanInNY, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. SupermanInNY

    SupermanInNY Guest

    Hi Y'all,

    After upgrading from 7.5.3 to 7.5.4, the Reconfigurator values needed to be modified as they are reset to the initial values.

    That is simple to do, except when you use MailEnable and want to move it to a different directory.
    The problem that I experienced was that the Configurator had the following Source line in it:

    C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\Mail Servers\Mail Enable\POSTOFFICES

    However,. I've set my mailboxes to be in:


    When I've set it to the d:\MailEnable before the Upgrade, the POSTOFFICES directory is deleted from the default address in the actual File system.

    But, the configurator didn't know that,
    and still showed the:

    C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\Mail Servers\Mail Enable\POSTOFFICES

    And,. the problem was, when attempting to change the location.. it didn't like it.
    So.. to FIX This problem, (i.e., to allow you to change the location).

    You need to enter Windows Explorer and ADD the POSTOFFICES directory to the
    C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\Mail Servers\Mail Enable\

    So that you actually have a:

    C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\Mail Servers\Mail Enable\POSTOFFICES

    Once that is done,.. your configurator will be happy to change the location to whatever path you want. NOTE, it will Erase the POSTOFFICES in that process, so don't be alarmed if you can't find that directory that you just 'recreated'.