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URGETNT:: SSL Certificate Error... please help out here!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by isplhost.net, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. isplhost.net

    isplhost.net Guest

    I sucessfully upgraded my plesk cp to 7.5.3 and to my surprise there was just no error at all...

    Untill now... i am realsing my new web hosting company .. actually I was supposed to rel;ease it... but i cannot as.. it says my server is illigal.. the old SSL doesnot have my common name.. i have a private key and the certificate text files with me.. but i cant installed them using plesk...

    here the error it shows,

    Unable to set the private key:eek:penssl_pkey_export() failed: error:0200100D:system library:fopen:permission deniederror:2006D002:BIO routines:func(109):system
    liberror:0E064002:configuration file routines:func(100):system liberror:0200100D:system
    library:fopen:permission deniederror:2006D002:BIO routines:func(109):system
    liberror:0e064002:configuration file routines:func(100):system lib

    Is there is a way to manually install it using SSH.. please instruct.. i want the certificate to work.. and fast...

    all helper will be GODS!! ha ha.. please help.