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"users" differences

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by budwaiser, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. budwaiser

    budwaiser Guest

    someone can tell me the differences of these users?

    Plesk IIS User (IUSR_domain)
    Plesk IIS WP User (IWPD_169(domain))
    Plesk Domain User (domain)


    (enable when i manage permissions of a folder into plesk).

    Thank you
  2. JackL

    JackL Guest

    1. Administrators group
    On a local computer, a group whose members have the highest level of administrative access to the local computer. Examples of administrative tasks that can be performed by members of this group include installing programs; accessing all files on the computer; auditing access control; and creating, modifying, and deleting local user accounts.
    In an Active Directory domain, a group whose members have the highest level of administrative access in the domain. Examples of administrative tasks that can be performed by members of this group include setting domain policy; assigning and resetting domain user account passwords; setting up and managing domain controllers; and creating, modifying, and deleting domain user accounts.
    2. FPSE_xxxxx
    Plesk Group is used by Mcrosoft SharePoint i.e. group used for access through FrontPage for editing and creating site
    3. IUSR_[machine name] used for anonymous access to website - No logon is required and anyone is allowed to gain access to data that is protected with this method. The server uses a built in account (IUSR_[machine name] by default) to control the permissions on the files. The browser does not send any credentials or user info with this type of request.
    4.Plesk IIS WP User
    Plesk IIS Worker Process Identity Account
    In previous versions of IIS, the worker processes ran as the LocalSystem account. Because the LocalSystem account has access to almost all resources on the operating system, this had serious security implications. IIS 6.0 offers better security in that the worker process runs under the new built-in Network Service account by default. IIS 6.0 also allows you to configure which account worker processes run as.You have the option of using one of the three predefined accounts, or creating your own account.
    Each application pool Plesk configured as account to increase security
    5 Plesk Domain User (domain) user account
    Members of this group can perform common tasks, such as running applications, using local and network printers, and locking the server. Users cannot share directories or create local printers. By default, the Domain Users, Authenticated Users, and Interactive groups are members of this group. Therefore, any user account created in the domain becomes a member of this group.
    6.System is a pseudo-account for running system processes and handling system-level tasks. The account is available on the local system only. You can't change the settings for the System account with the user administration tools. Users can't log on to a computer with this account.

    John S.G.
  3. dmdsafe

    dmdsafe Guest

    can you re-describe them in relation to
    -internet users
    -domain users that admin the website