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Very strange problem after migration. Is it DNS?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by belyakov, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. belyakov

    belyakov Guest


    I recently migrated from one hardware to another (changing the OS from RedHat9 to SuSe 9.3. x86-64) and updated Plesk from 7.5.4 to 8.0 and there seems to be a problem that i cant localize and thus fix:

    All of my domains are working strange and i guess it's something about DNS - some domains don't work at all, some work only with www. prefix some work only without.

    Some examples:

    DON'T WORK: www.sintez-d.spb.ru
    DON'T WORK: sintez-d.spb.ru

    WORKS: atri-spb.ru
    DON't WORK: www.atri-spb.ru

    WORKS: officeleone.com
    WORKS: www.officeleone.com

    The DNS zones for these three domains look same to me. Here Are they:

    officeleone.com. NS ns1.webcomplex.ru.
    officeleone.com. NS ns2.afraid.org.
    mail.officeleone.com. A
    ns.officeleone.com. A
    officeleone.com. A
    webmail.officeleone.com. A
    ftp.officeleone.com. CNAME officeleone.com.
    lists.officeleone.com. CNAME officeleone.com.
    www.officeleone.com. CNAME officeleone.com.
    officeleone.com. MX (10) mail.officeleone.com. / 24 PTR officeleone.com.

    sintez-d.spb.ru. NS dns.520m.spb.ru.
    sintez-d.spb.ru. NS ns1.webcomplex.ru.
    mail.sintez-d.spb.ru. A
    ns.sintez-d.spb.ru. A
    sintez-d.spb.ru. A
    webmail.sintez-d.spb.ru. A
    ftp.sintez-d.spb.ru. CNAME sintez-d.spb.ru.
    lists.sintez-d.spb.ru. CNAME sintez-d.spb.ru.
    www.sintez-d.spb.ru. CNAME sintez-d.spb.ru.
    sintez-d.spb.ru. MX (10) mail.sintez-d.spb.ru. / 24 PTR sintez-d.spb.ru.

    atri-spb.ru. NS ns1.webcomplex.ru.
    atri-spb.ru. NS ns2.afraid.org.
    atri-spb.ru. A
    mail.atri-spb.ru. A
    ns.atri-spb.ru. A
    webmail.atri-spb.ru. A
    ftp.atri-spb.ru. CNAME atri-spb.ru.
    www.atri-spb.ru. CNAME atri-spb.ru.
    atri-spb.ru. MX (10) mail.atri-spb.ru. / 24 PTR atri-spb.ru.

    This is just about web, because things like ftp & mail work ok.
  2. belyakov

    belyakov Guest

    A solution finally!

    The solution was found. In fact it started working by itself... I guess the problem was - our provider's local dns cache...

    Today it updtaed and everything seems to work ok.