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web.forexample.com => forexample.maindomain.com Alias

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by liron23, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. liron23

    liron23 Guest

    Hi, i try to make this (web.forexample.com => forexample.maindomain.com ) because of my previous control panel was cPanel and was setup this with "addon domains".

    I know Plesk arent be able to make this but i hope somebody says me a "How to" with rewrite_rules or anything. (and i dont know if plesk8 will be able to make this type of alias)

    This alias is only for one main domain.

    web.forexample.com => forexample.maindomain.com
    web.forexample2.com => forexample2.maindomain.com
    web.forexample3.com => forexample3.maindomain.com
    web.forexample4com => forexample4.maindomain.com

    xxx.maindomain.com are subdomains on plesk but web.foreaxampleX.com are alias (not subdomains) and foreaxampleX.com can be on diferent servers.

    anybody can help me ? Tx.
  2. liron23

    liron23 Guest

    Also, url must be web.forexample.com and not redirect to forexample.maindomain.com.

    This is perfect with cpanel but not in plesk :(.