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Web Service Problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by GarretMott, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. GarretMott

    GarretMott Guest

    Hi All -

    We have a Windows 2003 server hosted @ ThePlanet. We have a partial (IOW not completed) web site set up on it that uses web services: http://www.sportstnt.com/webdev/. The asp pages on the site all work just fine (after much messing about with Plesk settings).

    Before we installed Plesk, the web services worked perfectly. Now, when we try to access them we get a "Page Cannot be found" error.

    Here's a URL to try: http://www.sportstnt.com/webdev/loadcobrandinfo.wso?wsdl. This *should* return the schema....

    All extensions necessary are registered in IIS. Port 80 is open both ways through the firewall. I'm stumped.

    Any help appreciated!

  2. GarretMott

    GarretMott Guest

    Some further info:

    We've found that by adding in a new MIME Type we can at least make something happen.

    What we did was to add a MIME extenson of ".wso" with a Type of "application/octet-stream". However - we checked other sites (for other clients - on different servers) and on those the ".wso" extension does not have any listing in MIME Types.

    What happens now is that we can browse to the above link, but we get prompted to download a file.

    So - it seems that (to my little brain) Plesk has somehow changed the default behavior of unknown MIME Types. Maybe it's something else - but I don't see it.

    Any thoughts with this new info?

    Thanks -
  3. JackL

    JackL Guest

    Try to add MIME extenson of ".wso" through Plesk CP, also it is a good idea to check site with Filemon.exe from www.sysinternals.com - may be some access denied erros are there?

    John S.G.
  4. GarretMott

    GarretMott Guest

    Thanks for the reply!

    We can get to the page - so access isn't being denied (as far as I can see) - it's just that the web service and WSDL won't work properly.

    I've tried 4 different MIME Types for the .wso extension (application/octet-stream, text/xml, text/html, & application/xml) but still no joy.

    The frustration for me here is that without Plesk installed, nothing needs to be done with MIME Types to have this web service work. It simply does.

    Without getting into a rant, I have to say that I had no idea how much Plesk changes on the Server before the customer asked to have it installed. Had I known... But that's for another day ;-)