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Webmail File Attachments

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by mpriller, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. mpriller

    mpriller Guest

    I am able to upload and attach files to outgoing email in horde/webmail and send the email. But only up to 2megs, beyond that size I can upload and attach a file to a email but horde will not send out the email. Horde gives a page cannot de displayed error.

    I have checked my settings, upload_max_filesize 8m; post_max_size 8m; max_execution_time 30 secs; memory_limit 32m. I increased max_execution_time to 120 secs with no success. I would think the other settings would be sufficent for 3.8m or 4.9m files. Is there any other setting that I missed that would be causing this issue?
  2. carlrees

    carlrees Guest

    not a solution but

    Hey mpriller

    I had a similar prob a few weks back, getting the server to send large attachments may not help if the reciepients(sp) cant get them because their mail server strips them when inbound also.

    I wanted to mail a 12Mb mp3 file, my girlfriends demo tape, instead I created a webpage www.riversidecafe.co.uk/sam.html and added a link to the file here instead.

    Saved me mailing lots of large files and also gives the end user a choice of what to do with the download. Sorry if this is not quite what your looking for.