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Where can I find an explanation on how all this DNS work...

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by belyakov, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. belyakov

    belyakov Guest


    I am trying to make this clear for myself.

    I have a dedicated server with 4 ips.
    I also have a domain name (not delegated yet) that I want to be the default address of my server.
    I also have a Primary & Secondary DNS (not yet set up) at my registrant.

    I need to make my domain name (as I’ve mentioned) the default domain name for my server & organize mail, ftp, ns, ns2 subdomains there with proper DNS records.

    How should I set this up?

    What should I write in the future for my hosted domains as Primary & Secondary DNS Servers and where should I do it (in plesk) ?

    Thank you beforehand.
  2. thundercon787

    thundercon787 Guest

    IP wise

    A few things that can help.. are you going to run the websites virtual off the plesk or will you use standard ips forthe domains..

    Also the Primary DNS for the box... Are you going to use the company's dns or you going to use your own...

    If your going to use your own...

    at the registar level... create ns1. and ns2 records for the domain you wish to have as teh master dns record for your server

    second.. whatever domains you wish to have on that box... point the dns for them to the primary dns (ns1 and ns2.) this will get your domains to point ot your web box...

    then within the plesk.. just use the plesks dns tosetup all the information...

    if your not in control of the dns for each of the domains... or the primary.. find out what ip address for those ns1 and ns2. and within the plesk... use the switch button and point the master dns servers to those ip address..

    hope this helps