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Who do you call for support?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Zevo, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Zevo

    Zevo Guest

    When you hear the gears grinding, the smoke rising from your server a thousand miles away, and you can't get a response from your server support group or Plesk...who do you call for support?

    I'm sure there are folks out there who do this for a living and can troubleshoot issues on a moments notice. I would be interested in finding a list of the better ones so that the next time my server has a melt down that I cannot fix, I have someone to call who can.

    I've read a lot about 4psa in these forums, and know that they sell software. Do they support only their software, or do they support their software plus the various "OMG my server is melting" kind of problems?

    Anyone have suggestions?
  2. Whistler

    Whistler Guest

    If you can't reach your server in a remote datacenter - then nobody else should be able to help from a remote point of view.

    So what you need - is to choose a reliable datacenter and a provider where you at least can pay someone to answer the phone when your server is down.

    Alternately - you can host and manage your server co-located where you have access - so you - yourself - may enter the center and reboot the server.

    But most professionel datacenters offer you - often for a smaller subscription fee - a virtuel powerswitch - where you from the internet can turn power on/off to your server. This can also be a solution for some problems.

    But anyway - I have to say - you mostly get what you pay for... and if you don't pay anyone to get up in the nigt answering your distress call - then you might end up getting no help... when needed...
  3. Zevo

    Zevo Guest

    Cost isn't the issue here, I have the highest level of support that the server group offers. When I refer to a meltdown I'm simply saying something has gone wrong. I still have had SSH access, and ability to get in and troubleshoot my servers in times of crisis, plus I have remote backup and the powerswitch.

    There are times however that the problems I'm presented with, I admitedly lack the skills to handle in a timely manner. I pride myself on being able to research most problems, but that takes time, and occassionally time is critical for the issue.

    Respectfully I am a programmer (PERL developer), so although some of this is similar, other aspects are foreign. Knowing what I'm looking for doesn't always mean that I can find it, or once I have that I can make a split second decision based on the information presented. I do not claim to be a server administrator, I only claim to get by and when things get over my head to seek out help. Thus the reason why I want a backup plan before I am in a desperate way.
  4. ramshyamr

    ramshyamr New Pleskian

    Nov 8, 2012
    Likes Received:
    For generic "technical support", something like this can work: "I will provide technical support and operational assistance through the lifetime of the project. Don't hesistate to contact me with questions, problems, or concerns."Please visit us now......www.ramshyam.com/
  5. dfgsdfgdfhd

    dfgsdfgdfhd Guest

    ok thanks for share