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Yet another migration problem...

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by acer, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. acer

    acer Guest

    This time its the first step on sending the scout...:

  2. Rouanou

    Rouanou Guest


    I've the same pb :

    <b>Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/local/psa/admin/share/supervisor/processor.py", line 115, in doActivityRunner
    newState = self.doActivity()
    File "/usr/local/psa/admin/share/supervisor/processor.py", line 219, in doActivity
    File "/usr/local/psa/admin/lib/python/subproc.py", line 217, in spawn
    File "/usr/local/psa/admin/lib/python/subproc.py", line 174, in run
    File "/usr/local/psa/admin/lib/python/subproc.py", line 158, in run
    File "/usr/local/psa/admin/lib/python/subproc.py", line 178, in wait
    File "/usr/local/psa/admin/lib/python/subproc.py", line 166, in wait
    raise SignalException(self, os.WTERMSIG(status))
    SignalException: <unprintable instance object></b>

    Moreover i've a problem with tempory file crated by Migration.
    They are stored and my disk is full.
    How can i delete them ??

    Thank you
  3. acer

    acer Guest

    Plesk support help me regarding this situation:

    The solution was simple. Remove whatever you've got in .bashrc .bashprofile so that when you login, no motd or w (as I was using to see who was logged in) should be shown.
  4. Rouanou

    Rouanou Guest

    Where is .bashrc and .bashprofile ?
  5. acer

    acer Guest

  6. MonsterCrash.de

    MonsterCrash.de Guest

    Plz help me,

    i have Suse 9.3 and want to migrate from 7.54 to 8.1 but i get the same error...

    there ist no .bashrc and .bashprofile to delete :(
    not on the old server and not on the new one :(


    ps. sorry 4 my bad english
  7. acer

    acer Guest

    When you login to your system using putty or other program, you must not have any information popping out. That's the basic rule. Your shell may be different so check whatever .xxxrc you have. Also you might login with another user and then su to root. Also check that users directory.
  8. MonsterCrash.de

    MonsterCrash.de Guest

    to migrate from 7.5.4 it is only possible to version 8.0.1 !

    that's the way i have to do it...