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404 - File or directory not found

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Windows Issue, Fixes, How-To' started by PauloP, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. PauloP

    PauloP Guest

    horde webmail error: 404 - File or directory not found

    After a "successful" upgrade from plesk 9.2 to plesk 9.5 on windows 2008 server 64x now I have some problems.
    When I try to open webmail from Plesk it send to website http://webmail.domain.com/imp/login.php?imapuser=user@domain.com and I have this error from Horde:

    Server Error
    404 - File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    The same problem on all domains.


    After remove horde and install again, after read all forums and similar problems on the web after search all over google I found something that temporary works for now.

    From a similar problem @:

    Opened: Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

    goto: Server > Sites > webmail(hordE) and from the Right Side: Manage Web Site > Advanced Settings

    I changed the parameter:
    Under (General)
    Application Pool from: Plesk(default)(2.0)(pool) to DefaultAppPool

    Well it works for now but I need to access webmail directly from: http://www.domain.com:8425
    because http://webmail.domain.com from plesk still don´t work, now after this change it takes me to default server website not to the webmail.

    Any help on this? I really want my webmail.domain.com url fixed again.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 26, 2010
  2. IgorG

    IgorG Forums Analyst Staff Member

    Oct 27, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Novosibirsk, Russia
    Try to update domain with %plesk_bin%\webmailmng.exe utility. I hope it will help.
  3. IsmailA

    IsmailA Guest

    So I have the Try what the MOD has written "%% plesk_bin webmailmng.exe \", which has brought nothing ..

    The problem still exists ..

    Do I have to reinstall every time after an update the whole Plesk or what?
  4. PauloP

    PauloP Guest

    no thanks but that don´t work for me.
    Now I only can access my webmail from http://www.domain.com:8425
    If I change back Application Pool from: DefaultAppPool to Plesk(default)(2.0)(pool) I got 500 error file not found.

    I have removed all plesk and installed again and I still have the same problem on all domains.