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A few questions; Plesk 7.5 to 8.0 restauration

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by juanit0, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. juanit0

    juanit0 Guest

    I'm in the process of moving all my clients data from a crashed/hacked system witch used plesk 7.5 and red hat 7.3.

    The new plesk is 8.0 and red hat enterprise and I need to do the folloing:

    transfer websites content, transfer e-mail data, restaure clients databases, recreate every client, domains and e-mail accounts.

    So here are my questions:

    - Where can I find the e-mails content? Should I put it in the same directory on the new system?

    - where are located the old databases, and how should I restaure them?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. juanit0

    juanit0 Guest

    Found some help on another forum, I just post here the results in case it could help someone later on, I had a lot of trouble finding this simple thing, I lost several hours on this today...

    Getting better thanks to you!

    I downloaded the file "ibdata1" from my old install and placed it on my local mysql server and I can now browse a part of the tables, I think all the tables I need to recreate my users accounts are there! I see the light at the end of the tunel, thanks to you!
  3. JoaoCorreia

    JoaoCorreia Guest

    7.5.6 to 8.0.1

    Well first use psadump and you better have 7.5.6 on RHEL also and then upgrade.

    I did a psadump and psarestore, some things stop working the backup / restore process is not linear ! be aware !

    Joao Correia