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Adding a new Virtual Automatically

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by dwdietz, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest

    When a domain is created and the defaults for that domain are loaded in IIS, Such as webmail., /webstats, /ftpstats, etc is there a way to create a user defined one as well instead of having to go create one manually. I want to create a /mgmt so the users can get to the Plesk management interface easier?

    if so, second question will be, as it writes the domain name i will need to know how to have it redirect to https://www.thatdomain.com:8443

    I assume there is a variable name that i can add in somewhere.

  2. softpac2000

    softpac2000 Guest

    Sound like what you want to do is create a Standard Forwarding of a URL.

    Under the main client account (Your account), not your clients, you will need to create a new domain and make sure "www" is not selected.

    Let's say you call this domain "mgmt.yourdomain.com"
    Click on Update
    Select Standard Forwarding
    Click Next
    Select the shared IP
    Enter ther URL "https://yourdomain.com:8443/"
    *Note: don't forget the "/" after the 8443.

    Now you need to go to yourdomain.com DNS and create an "A" record entry for "mgmt.yourdomain.com" that points to your shared IP.

    That should do it! Everytime a user enters "mgmt.yourdomain.com" he will be redirected to "https://yourdomain.com:8443/".

    Hope that helps!
  3. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest


    Wouldnt this method eat up one of the domain license and count towards the total domains used?

    I would like to have it designated for the client domain instead of mine. Easier for them to remember.. Saves trouble tickets on phone calls.

    I can do it manually for each site I create but prefer not to.

    Any way to have it include something like this during the creation just like the virtual directoy that places a file in just like it works for the webstats? Then the client could go to www.clientdomain.com/mgmt and it would forward them to https://www.clientdomain.com:8443 I have that working now with a manual effort. (by the way almost all of my clients used a shared ip which makes this easier) My firewall forwards any 8443 traffic for any of my ips to the plesk internal interface.

    I looked over the domain templates however they are all encrypted.. Ugh!!
  4. softpac2000

    softpac2000 Guest

    You are absolutely right!... It will use a domain license for every Standard Forwarding you do!...

    That's why I recomend you do it only on "yourdomain.com".

    Besides is not a bad idea to make them remember who their hosting company is... "Promote yourself" :cool:

    On the other hand if what you want to create is a virtual directory when domains are created then you can probably do that by going into the Server section of Plesk and clicking on "Skeleton". Click on help for more info or look in the manual. Not to familiar with this one!

    Hope that helps!