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/alias command

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by sbmman, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. sbmman

    sbmman Guest


    currently I have a project on a win32/apache server which I wanna migrate to a Plesk server.
    My problem is that I used the /alias function of apache to use another domain to refer into directories of another web site hosted in another local file directory.
    How can I migrate that with Plesk ? I know that it doesn't work via Gui, so is it possible to do that via shell and does the Plesk security model allow that ?

    domain1 is the main site. domain2 points to dirs of domain1....


    ServerName www.domain1.de
    DocumentRoot C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule autoinfo([0-9]+)\.html$ http://www.domain1.de/blah.php?zeug=$1


    ServerName www.DOMAIN2.com:443
    DocumentRoot C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs-tk
    Alias /admin "C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs/admin"
    Alias /pagepics "C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs/pagepics"
    Alias /fz_pics "C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs/fz_pics"
    Alias /tkits "C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs/tkits"
  2. sbmman

    sbmman Guest

    I migrated the settings to the linux world and the alais seems to point to the directory of the other domain, however when I call a php file from domain which is /aliased to the other directory the apache doesn't interpret the php anymore and thus offers to downlaod the file.
    I guess that are any security issues because I access another directory.
  3. desoto0311

    desoto0311 Guest

    I'm having the same problem. Found at least 3 different posts on this site now with no solution. Did ANYONE come up with anything? I must be missing something simple....

    I setup in /conf/ vhosts.conf file the alias from domainA/subfolder on domainB. Html files come up fine, but php won't parse; only offers the pop-up dialog so people may download my php source. Ouch.