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All Plesk InnoDB tales are gone

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by gordan55, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. gordan55

    gordan55 Guest

    I have a very serious problem :-(
    CentOS, Plesk 8.6 or to be more precise a MT (DV)3.5 VPS

    After MySQL crashed the InnoDB tables crashed as well (the only InnoDB tables in the DB are Plesk's). In the recovery process MySQL managed to fry the tables and all data is gone.
    Of course Plesk doesn't work because it doesn't have it's tables.

    I'm quite sure I'll never get the things back as they were withouth some serious work but please here out my thoughts

    1) I get a dump of Plesk's tables from some other (DV)3.5 and put them in my DB. Yes they are going to be empty but .... it's a start. All of my domains, clients, etc won't show in Plesk but if I recreate them I can hope for the best ....

    2) There is a tool than can scan my DV, see what domains etc I have and put them back in Plesk

    3) As MT support suggests I reinstall the DV and loose all my data. So I need to backup 20GB somewhere else, reinstall the DV, recreate the domains, and get the data back.

    4) I use the repair mode (that is if it works withouth the tables). When in that mode grab the default InnoDB tables (if they get created ....) and then get them back on my original Plesk.

    Any help is truly appreciated.
    Happy holidays