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Antivirus and anti spam

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by tiziano, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. tiziano

    tiziano Guest

    Hallo, i'm starting with plesk 6.5 but i must install any software for the security, Antivirus and anti spam.
    Which can i install on the plesk , the server is windows 2003 .

    Thank's very much

  2. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

  3. sonics

    sonics Regular Pleskian

    Jan 4, 2004
    Likes Received:
    For AntiVirus we just installed a normal Symantec Server Virus Protection. It Scans all mail because MailEnable stores each mail as a file witch then the Virus Scanner can check.

    For Spam we Tested some Spamfilter but are not happy with it.

    there is one good one from http://www.nospamtoday.com/ but it's quite expensive. so we will wait till plesk will also implemet spamassassin in the windows version.

    there is a version out there from spamassassin for windows but it's not comftable to configure and it's quite slow.
  4. LithiuM

    LithiuM Guest


    According to your post, I tried to buy a Symantec antivirus enterprise edition but at licencing page it says that min license quantity that can be purchased is 10 licenses (max 250)

    Isn't it enough to buy one license for one server? Or do you recommend me to buy 10+ licenses?

    Sorry for asking you that, instead of symantec but their site as confusing as possible to me:(
  5. onaweb

    onaweb Guest

    I would also be interested in what Anti-virus everyone is running. I just ordered Norton Anti-virus 2004 to find out that it is not Server 2003 compatible. (I am still working on my refund). I contacted customer service for the enterprise editions to find out they do offer a 5 license version, she told me she understood my problem and recommended that I contact CDW or someone like that to see if they offered a server edition with only 1 license.

    I have noticed that Panda offers a server edition with only 2 licenses for $75 for a 2 yr subscription.

    Has anyone found a company that offers 1 license program that is compatible with Server 2003?

  6. lancer28a

    lancer28a Guest

    Try F-Secure Anti-Virus 5.41 for windows servers.

    F-secure is the best there is in Internet Security Solutions.
    These are the guys responsible for stopping the NetSky, Blaster and MyDoom, threats.

  7. siren@

    siren@ Guest

    Just for everyones knowledge. There will be an antispam solution in Plesk 7.0 for Windows.

    Also, all our servers run McAfee Enterprise.

    It works perfect and catches email viruses as mailenable creates the files.
  8. jhehenri

    jhehenri Guest

    What happens when these antivirus-programs delete the virus?
    Will the owner of the mail account still recieve the mail only with a note saying that there was a virus and it's been deleted?
  9. MattR@

    MattR@ Guest

    We are running Symantec AV Corp. Edition, we just realized a problem, viruses contained inside attached ZIP files are not being filtered. It seems that Symantec Auto-Protect will not open zip files and scan within them (As it will in AV 2004, not an option in Corporate?) Did you get a work around in this? Doing a normal scan on the folders which will look inside the zips removed several thousand viruses that auto-protect missed. Any help would be very VERY appreciated.

  10. neolin

    neolin Guest

  11. ewtech

    ewtech Guest