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Any Update on Merak intergration???

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by kken40, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. kken40

    kken40 Guest

    Just wondering how far of Merak intergration is, i have trialed Plesk and am basically ready to purchase but not before i see Merak intergration and get a chance to trial it
  2. arvin8

    arvin8 Guest

    8.0.3 vs 8.2

    I have been testing the merak with plesk for a while...
    I can't say that they integrate very good bad they work together fine.
    I must tell you that I coudn't install the latest version 8.2 to work with plesk. But the previous version 8.0.3 is installed without any problems.
    But becarefull, onece you install the 8.0.3, upgrade to 8.2 is possible and it works aswell. But if you try to switch to mailenable for somereason after this upgrade your plesk installation will get dameged.
    If you try to uninstall the merak again your plesk will get dameged badly that without a complete format of your machine, reinstallation of plesk is not being possible.

    But, I've switched form mailenable to merak 8.0.3 very easily and all my accounts and all settings were transfered to merak sucessfully.
    At the moment my mail server is merak and till now I experienced no problem.
    I beliave you can safely use the version 8.0.3.

    A question to swsoft:
    We want to use the Merak 8.2. Are you planning to release an update to support it?