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Applicatin Vault

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by phatPhrog, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. phatPhrog

    phatPhrog Guest

    We have a new server using Plesk 7.5.3 Reloaded/Fedora2

    Whether attempting to install applications through a client's account login or our server admin login, we receive the same errors when trying to install applications to any account/domain.

    If we create a database beforehand and use that data for the application vault installtion, we receive notice that the database/database username is already there, thus unusable.

    Is this a configuration problem with our Plesk Installation or is it a bug in the AppVault.

    We have updated our server both through the Plesk interface and yum updates.

    Any suggestions, help and/or URI for help files will be greatly appeciated.

    Thanks to all who are willing to point the way.
  2. hardweb

    hardweb Guest

    It can be a problem in the password you enter. Try with an alphanumeric password and let me know if still does not work.
  3. phatPhrog

    phatPhrog Guest

    Password format fixed

    That was the problem. Only accepts alphanumeric passwords.

    Thanks for helping the dummy. :rolleyes: