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ASP pages stuck every day .

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by tamir, May 5, 2004.

  1. tamir

    tamir Guest

    Hello all .

    I have serious problem .

    Every day in unexpected way ,all the websites that are being using ASP pages stuck ,for this issue I need to RESET THE IIS !

    Did somebody ever had this issue ?
    Does anybody know what the solution ?

    Thanks Tamir .
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin Guest

    Have you checked the event log for any errors? sounds like you may have a rogue site thats not coded very efficiently. A common problem is programmers not destroying objects in their code when they've finished with them which can lead to memory usage creeping up steadily, on a busy site this can quite quickly cause ASP to crash.

    If your noticing it occur at the same time of day then it may be a system process running thats causing it rather than an actual website.
  3. tamir

    tamir Guest

    Huh ?!

    I need a solution ,please help me .
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin Guest

    No-one is going to just be able to give you a solution, there could be a half dozen or more reasons for ASP crashing.

    Your going to have to do some investigative work on your own to identify the cause I'm afraid, first place is to check your event logs for any suspicious messages.

    Also dont forget to search Microsofts knowledge base to see if you can find anything

  5. sebastian

    sebastian Guest

    Wouldn't running each domain in isolated memory fix this problem?
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin Guest

    It can help identify the site (if thats what it is) thats crashing IIS, but it's not normally recommened to run in high isolation on a permanent basis becuase of the extra overheads required.
  7. ilknet

    ilknet Guest

    I have had the same problem..
    The reason of my problem is 4 websites.
    The hits of the sites are very high..
    And I have found that IIS 6.0 in Windows 2003 server has a bug to do with Jet DB engine...
    The KB number in microsoft.com is 838306 but when you click there is nothing to see because it is an internal issue..
    The patch will be released in SP 1 I think..
    But call MS and they will send you a unofficial DLL file related this bug..
    When you use IISState you see in the log files "locked" messages for asp pages using ODBC...
    have a nice day..
  8. rwickham

    rwickham Guest

    Thanks very much for this helpful answer ilknet!

    Was driving me round the bend. I had two possiblities for what caused this problem to reveal itself:
    1: A busy site was added which uses ASP/Access (DSN-less connections OR
    2: I set up a System DSN for a MySQL database

    Unfortunately Microsoft have removed this KB article, although it still appears in the seach results.

    Anyone know a workaround?
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin Guest

    Theres been several reports of problems with using ODBC Drivers to access MS Access databases under 2003, though JET OLEDB should be fine, we went through this loop with MS a few months ago. Of course we also got the hard word from them that a webserver shouldn't be using anything other than SQL Server if a database was required.

    If there is a bug they're not publically acknowledging it, SP1 hopefully will be your best bet at resolution unless you want to spend money getting support directly from MS.

    I don't know anything of the custom dll that ilknet mentions, though you may be lucky and find it on their FTP server if you don't want to contact MS directly.
  10. ilknet

    ilknet Guest

    I have a unofficial dll fix for this problem sent from ms.
    Mail me at can@ortaklar.net and will send you this...
    You should jet db service pack 8 ýnstalled for this fix..
    Backup your original dll and replace with the one I send..
  11. usbusi

    usbusi Guest

    memory application pools might still be a good idea

    memory application pools might still be a good idea even after you apply those patches - if you use windows 2003 that is. with windows 2003 you can customize the application pools so they recycle memory at times you specify, and you can set the max RAM for each application pool. i havn't used my plesk 6.5 windows yet but on a windows 2003 server without plesk i setup sites so that each web site has its own application pool. i set mine to recycle the worker processes at 1:33 am each night. and with a max of 200 megs RAM per application pool. i don't know if this is a solution to your question but perhaps it is one solution or on a similar train of thinking - and i have yet to use plesk so i don't know if plesk sets up a separate application pool for each web site or not.