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autom. Backup moving 15min every day

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by RuthServer, May 29, 2006.

  1. RuthServer

    RuthServer Guest


    i have Plesk 8 on Suse 10 working. If i tell Plesk to autom. Backup my Client at 3.00 every night he does it 1x at 3.00 BUT the next day he backup at 3.15 .. the follow day at 3.30 .. What is this and is there a solution for this bug?
  2. DCNet_James

    DCNet_James Guest

    I would just run teh pleskbackup utility from a manually setup cron. I have a shell script that runs pleskbackup --all /tmp/file which then tarbalsl it up onto an NFS share. Its a bit more complicated than that, but thats how I use it in a basic form. As I said, I would create a shell script to run the pleskbackup utilty or call it directly from cron at a specified time every night. If you still have time drift, I'd say theres something wrong with your system clock or NTP if you utilize it.

    How I would set it up, keep in mind this backs up everything and not just client level.
    Basic setup (as ROOT):
    crontab -e
    0 3 * * * /pathtopleskroot/bin/pleskbackup --all /pathtofile/filename

    I personally don't trust a lot of the new gui stuff they introduce. When alls said and done, the CP executes the pleskbackup utility anyhow.

    For the client backup its almost the same see here: http://download1.swsoft.com/Plesk/Plesk8.0/Doc/plesk-8-backup-restore-users-guide/18900.htm

  3. thierry8

    thierry8 Guest

    hello, I also have this problem. I am French, and I did not include/understand if it had to be done something or if that is corrected in the prochaînes versions
  4. RuthServer

    RuthServer Guest

    thx for your infos! but with the system clock or NTP the problem seems to have nothing to do with....
  5. RuthServer

    RuthServer Guest

    with Plesk-Update 8.0.1 the problem is solved on my system!! Suse 10
  6. dhub

    dhub Guest

    Backup Time shitfted

    This time shift is anonying! The problem is still not solved after upgrading to 8.0.1.

    Any other advise?

  7. 0031

    0031 Guest

    dhub, do you still have this problem, with PBM updates installed? Tell me please a psa-backup-manager's package buildnumber...
  8. dhub

    dhub Guest

    Backup manager No.

    Sorry not able to reply you earlier. I got a very serious problem now! - backup could not work after upgrading to plesk 8.0.1!

    Saw my disk full and received a plesk system email - cannot log FTP account .. cannot backup.

    I got to solve the disk problem first as I could not even able to login to plesk admin.

    Any idea.

  9. dhub

    dhub Guest

    Backup Manager version - 8.0.1-fc2.build80060713.16.

    Using FC2, Plesk 8.0.1

    I keep getting this backup problem whereby disk became full.

    - received email logs for every domain continuously:
    e.g Domain: xxx.com
    Plesk entry point: https://xen2.com:8443/

    Following error is occured during scheduled backup process:

    Couldn't resolve host 'ftp:'

    Checked the dump folder /var/lib/psa/dumps/ and found folder 0, 1 ,2, 3, 4.. etc. taking lots of diskspace with dump files.

    So far, I use only backup to local directory, not using any ftp account at all!

    How can I stop the backup manager for the time being?

    Going crazy! Plesk development team - could you post some immediate help or advise?!