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Awstats 403 Error

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by kieranjones, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. kieranjones

    kieranjones Guest


    A strange problem, not really sure why. I've not seen any other mention of it on this forum.

    When someone tries to view the web statistics in Awstats they receive a 403 Forbidden error.

    Any ideas on how to correct this? It seems very odd.
  2. kieranjones

    kieranjones Guest

    Any ideas anyone? I still have this error.

    Some help would be really good, the websites I host have been without stats for some time now.
  3. kieranjones

    kieranjones Guest

    Does no one have any idea about what is causing this error?

    Ok, new idea... how do I go about re-installing AWStats? Can I remove it and install it again?

    I really need this fixed now.
  4. kieranjones

    kieranjones Guest

    Seriously, no one knows how to fix this problem or even reinstall AWStats?

    I've contact SWSoft for assistance but was told they cannot assist me because I am a 1&1 customer and that they are not allowed too. I contact 1&1 who tell me they cannot help because their support doesn't extend to dealing with Plesk issues. Stupid stupid stupid companies, both of them.

    Some help of some kind on this would be really really appreciated, someone must know something.
  5. Spazholio@

    Spazholio@ Guest

    Please show me what URL you are browsing to to get the 403 error. Feel free to edit out the actual domain name. I've seen similar stuff like this, but I need to know which dir you're going to so I can help you better.
  6. kieranjones

    kieranjones Guest

    Thank you for replying and offering to help. I'm getting the issue on several different domains in different sorts of ways.

    This website, I just click the button in the domain report section bit and get a 403 error with the following URL in the address bar http://foon.co.uk/plesk-stat/webstat/

    It doesn't ask for a username and/or password so I don't have a chance to login properly. The "plesk-stat" directory option is not enabled for that domain either so I don't understand.

    On a different domain I decided to enable the "plesk-stat" directory in physical hosting setup bit and see what happens. What I get now is a password dialog box but no combination of username and password will allow me to view the stats. The URL in the address bar is as follows, http://dontdumpthat.com/plesk-stat/webstat with a 401 error when I enter in the wrong details.

    Originally it was a URL to a .pl file but that is no longer the case it seems.

    I hope this helps you make some sense of my problem.