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Backup Issuses in 9.1

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by Matthias Schleiermacher, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Matthias Schleiermacher

    Matthias Schleiermacher New Pleskian

    Mar 26, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Hi there.
    I have some strange problems after upgrading:

    1. After switching my old cronjob for pleskbackup in a special folder with overwrite i now use that GUI backupfeature. Backups are created and in the domains everything looks finde, but if i look as admin into "global backupmanager" all backups are faulty.
    So is that backup reliable?

    2. Automatic deletion of backups seems not to work. i configured that 3 backups should be kept, but today i wondered why so much space is taken and i found 12 backups in that manager ;(
  2. Georg Wellschmied

    Georg Wellschmied Guest

    I have the same problem I can not complete server backup as this is faulty backup file detected. If I were a reseller-level backup to create these on the FTP is recognized, however, this file has only 1 byte and I can not delete or download.

    I also noticed that the backup now takes much longer then usual

    If I RESTRICT the planned process until about 03:45 to start then he will still always starts at 11:05 pm.