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backup.psa & backup.psa.1 file?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Deltafox, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Deltafox

    Deltafox Guest


    First a plesk backup was only 1 file, backup.psa, but since a time there is a second file created backup.psa.1. Does anybody know what is in this file? Do i need to backup this file to, to have a complete backup?

    thx in advance
  2. Mr.Incredible

    Mr.Incredible Guest


    Plesk make backup files as .zip archives and change extensions to psa, psa.1, psa.2, ..etc. So you have to backup all files (the case of that is file number limitation of zip archives)
  3. haller

    haller Guest

    The second file is generated when your backup file exceeds 1.64GB (1.723.522kb).

    Whats in this file? Well it contains domains located in C:/InetPub/vhsots/, DB backups, server config, etc.
    BTW you can view the content of these files by opening it with winrar.

    And to concluded all of this, yes backup all the files!
  4. mrbister

    mrbister Guest

    You can always open the file(s) in winzip (or similar) to restore single files - if for some reason your customer accidentaly delete a file or two and is in desperate need of it. Use it as an extra service and earn some $$$ :)

  5. nimal_ds

    nimal_ds Guest

    You mean for the psa.1 file i have to manually extract its contents? I cant use the Plesk Restore function?
  6. mrbister

    mrbister Guest

    You can always use the plesk restore function, but it can't handle single file restore, only per domain restore (or customer).
  7. p_s_p

    p_s_p Guest


    But how do you use Plesk Restore utility to restore the files from .psa1?