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Blank pages & undefined errors... no user logins

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by serve-you.net, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. serve-you.net

    serve-you.net Guest

    Alright guys, I've finally come across something that I have no idea how to fix! I'm hoping since I'm kind of out of the loop on recent Plesk issues, that one of you with many servers may have come across this already. It seems like a PHP/session problem to me.

    The other night I upgraded from 7.5.2 - 7.5.3 on an RHES3 server. I upgraded the same way I have for the past several releases, via ART's yum repo. In addition, I upgraded my kernel to his grsec kernel.

    The upgrades themselves went fine. I saw no major errors, just some "normal" mysql warnings in the logs. After rebooting into the new kernel, everything looked fine, aside from a few minor grsec issues (none plesk related). This is where the problem starts..

    In atempting to fix permissions related issues with scripts running under TPE, I made the dumbass decision to chown -R root.root /usr. I tinkered around a bit more, and finally had all of my grsec related problems fixed. Now however I start seeing problems with Plesk.
    I went through and tried to restore ownership permissions on all the plesk dirs under /usr/local/psa.

    Upon login as admin, the main page comes up blank. If I reload the frame, I can see everything and move around in Plesk just fine. When I logout, I get a blank page on logout.php3. This page does not reload, nor does it redirect me back to the login page.

    When a user tries to login, they are also greeted with a blank page. If you try to reload the frame on this page, you get the following error

    PSA must then be restarted, or all pages have a similar error. I turned on debugging in the admin PHP server, and on all the blank pages, I receive the following error

    I'm sure this is something really simple, but I just can't seem to pinpoint it. I have even attempted to force reinstall all plesk RPM's, but I still see these problems.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. serve-you.net

    serve-you.net Guest

  3. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    What was the fix?
  4. serve-you.net

    serve-you.net Guest

    Appearantly some packages did not get updated, but yum/rhn both thought everything was. I had to enlist swsoft to help me find it.
  5. Ronny

    Ronny Guest

    Which packages? I'm getting the same errors
  6. seluman80

    seluman80 Guest

    Help with this problem


    I have the same problem as "
    serve-you.net" but i have not fixed the problem. Could you explain what have you done to resolve errors with plesk please?.

    Thank you.

  7. Herby

    Herby Guest