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cannot find sitebuilder

Discussion in 'Web Presence Builder' started by j0sh, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. j0sh

    j0sh Guest

    Hello, i have a dedicated server with plesk panel 10, with unlimited license.. I have been trying to get sitebuilder to show up for hours and hours now and it doesnt make sense, i have installed it via the update/install components section, and added an account and added sitebuilder to the selected options, I have it installed it's under server components, it shows 0 under published sites under license management.. i do not see an option for sitebuilder in the control panel for the client, and i called tech support for my server company who provides the license.. they said i needed the power pack option which i purchased, and refetched keys (this did absolutely nothing), i cannot understand why this wont work as i read elsehwere that you atleast get 100 site licenses with the unlimited pack with 10.x, can anyone help me as i really need this feature as this was an expensive switch from cpanel, and it atleast had a sitebuilder.. please any help to get this to work will help keep me with plesk but this is becoming hard to deal with as it just seems to get more and more expensive and i do not see where it is even better thanks
  2. custer

    custer Administrator Staff Member

    Apr 24, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Hi j0sh,

    To access SiteBuilder, you first need a license that includes a number of SiteBuilder websites. After you install such a license, go to a Service Plan where you want to make SiteBuilder available and set "Sites published with SiteBuilder" to any number of your choice (at least 1, because 0 means "not available"). When you provision a subscription based on this Service Plan, customers logging in their control panel UI will see a button SiteBuilder on their Home page and on their Websites & Domains page.

    The only thing that needs configuration for SiteBuilder is trial mode, and you only need to configure it if you want to use it.
  3. Mikeyr

    Mikeyr Guest

    where sitebuilder 5

    I had the same problem, what happened is that the installers sis not actually activate all of my licenses. Contact you provided/hoster, and have them activate the licenses. as soon as they did this, eveything was available.

    You find sitebuilder on the panel, there are about 4 ways to activate the sitebuilder once it is showing.

    Works great. I have been a dreamweaver designer for long time, and this is really nifty, I like it and really flexible and intuitive .

    good luck