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Cannot fins some options in the update, where are they?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by RobertS, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. RobertS

    RobertS Guest

    After updating to 7.6 I am missing some options which are mentioned in the release notes.

    3. [+] PHP 5 Support - Plesk for Windows users now have a choice of using the latest PHP 5 release or PHP 4, providing more flexibility for PHP programmers.
    - How do I do this then? I nowhere can find this option.....

    30. [+] Passive Mode for Upload Backup Files on FTP - A useful option when FTP server is behind a firewall.
    - Where do I set this? I nowhere can find this option, when now connecting I get errors with my client, I have to disable passive mode to get listing. This was not the case before the update (using serv-u as ftp server)

    36. [*] MailEnable Standard Upgraded to 1.95
    My Plesk components manager states:
    MailEnable Standard 1.8
    - How can this to be explained? How can I check which version I am running now? Or is there no update installed?
  2. renleon

    renleon Guest

    Hi RobertS

    If you launch the mailenable diagnostic via start > program files it will tell you which version you are running.

    When I installed the 7.6 upgrade my mailenable didnt upgrade. I had to get swsoft to manually do it.

    I would like to find out about PHP 5 aswel. I cant find an option for it or any info in the documentation.
  3. RobertS

    RobertS Guest

    I got support and knwo the answers

    PHP5 must be enabled in the config of plesk, read herethe answer of plesk:
    If you want to use php5 then from the following link you can find how to install it:

    mailenable is in the admin mode also 1.8, it seems that the server needs a reboot for upgrading.
    I use now smartermail so this problem is not urgent anymore