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Can't Access PLESK 8.2 After mysqld restart

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by giganet, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. giganet

    giganet Guest

    Hello Group..


    PLESK 8.2

    Note: I have attached my server /etc/log/messages as a txt file with this post also...

    After making changes I listed at the base of this post when logged into PLESK 8.2 I found that when accessing => Server => Mail I was receiveing an error from PLESK stating that it couldn't make a write to /tmp/???, I am sorry I didn't save the message now! :mad:
    Anyhow I tried using 'service mysqld restart' and since that PLESK has become totally inaccessible and is displaying the following error message:

    How would I repair this situation, I unfortunately have no backup as iPower just loaded PLESK 8.2 onto this new drive last week for me.

    Backups first from now on!

    This problem is also affecting email send/receive ability. :confused:

    I followed an Online guide to begin securing a LINUX box at:

    Exactly what was done
    1) Set PermitRootLogin to no
    2) Added user admin to 'su -' to 'root'
    3) Installed 'chkrootkit'
    4) Ran 'yum update'
    5) Secured SSH
    * Changed port from 22 to 54000
    * Modified '/etc/hosts.allow' to my IP
    * Modified '/etc/hosts.deny' to sshd: ALL
    6) Modified '/etc/httpd/httpd.conf' ServerSignature 'off'
    7) Modified '/etc/php.ini' 'expose_php = off'
    8) Modified '/etc/mail/sendmail.mc' added 'define(`confSMTP_LOGIN_MSG','')'
    Could not get the command below to make the config go 'LIVE'
    'm4 /etc/mail/sendmail.mc > /etc/sendmail.cf'

    Then when I used '/sbin/service sendmail restart' command I receive the following error:

    9) Installed LibSafe
    10) Modified mount '/tmp' with 'noexec'
    Added this line to 'fstab' '/etc/fstab':
    11) Tried to mask fingerprint but settings wouldn't take.

    After trying to mask fingerprint I noticed if I run a 'ls' in the root the contents of the root have been populated with files modified while trying to hide fingerprints and a couple other files like ip_default_ttl~ && iptables-init.d.original
    (below are /root contents):

    Can someone please provide some mentoring/guidance so I can restore access to PLESK and very hopefully email function will be restored with PLESK access restoration?
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.:)

  2. giganet.wireles

    giganet.wireles Guest

    No even a whisper

    I have posts at BB's other than SWFoft and I get a large number of respondents.

    I'm not so sure I like this PLESK thing so much.

    Guess I will just re-install PLESK and see where that takes me, hopefully I can restore access to PLESK not to mention restore email access for my wireless clients.

    I really would have thought that SW would at least have one in-the-know technician parusing these BB's to lend a hand where needed?

    Oh well........