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Can't connect to the mysql server

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by hgurol, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. hgurol

    hgurol Guest

    I have downloaded the sitebuilder from this site, in order to test it on my local win2003 server. Even though mysql server is running flawless and my root account and password works normal within the mysql admin interface; the site builder installer keep giving me "cant connect to the mysql server" errors.

    Does anyone have an idea what can be wrong with it?

  2. killerbyte

    killerbyte Guest

    Unless MYSQL is running on your server or you have the Windows Plesk version installed on your server with MySQL support then it won't work.
  3. hgurol

    hgurol Guest

    I dont get it. Do you mean that mysql server needs to be on remote in-order to install the sitebuilder software. Im trying to install the stand-alone version and I dont have anything plesk related install.
  4. killerbyte

    killerbyte Guest

    Windows Related Software Requirements

    IIS web server 5.0 or higher
    PHP version 4.2 or higher
    MySQL (3.22 or higher)
    GnuPG (installed with SiteBuilder)
    unzip (installed with SiteBuilder)
    PHP extensions:
  5. hgurol

    hgurol Guest

    I appriciate your help but I actually have seen and followed-up that list. I dont have a missing component and I both tried it with a local and remote mysql server. The error remains unchanged... very weird. Do you think it might be related to the the setup file I have downloaded, maybe its not a trial ware ?
  6. killerbyte

    killerbyte Guest

    Unfortunately I have LINUX versions (general webserver) and a Plesk version running and not Windows so I can't help with the windows specific version.

    We have some strange stuff going on too so you're not alone!!..

    The download should be a restricted version which works with a demo key.;)
  7. hgurol

    hgurol Guest

    ok, let me get to you back with a linux server than :)
  8. abner66

    abner66 Guest

    I too am having the same problem with the installation... does anyone have a solution to this problem?

    Thanx in Advance for any help!
  9. smurf

    smurf Guest

    Windows 2003 box running Plesk 7.0.3.

    Trying to install SiteBuilder Standalone V1 and getting the same error.

    Come on Plesk support help us out! We really want to use your software but the clock it ticking and we're going to have to look elsewhere very soon.