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Can't get Smartermail 5 working on Plesk 8.4

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by solidit, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. solidit

    solidit Guest

    I keep getting the "Error: Set component parameters failed: Some fields are empty or contain an improper value." On the second attempt I get the "Error: Set default component failed: defpackagemng failed: Can't obtain domains list. Reason:Failed to log in.".

    Within Smartermail the domains and email addresses/users are correctly transferred from plesk. While monitoring the SmarterMail service, I noticed that the MailEnable services are stopped, the SmarterMail is started and runs for a while, before stopping, starting and finally stopping again. The MailEnable services are again started and the error is shown.

  2. ahphosting

    ahphosting Guest

    I am experiencing the same problem as well.
    I have SmarterMail 5 installed as a VZ template and it runs fine on none Plesk VPS.
    As soon as I try to configure it in Plesk VPS the smartermail 5 service gets set to manual and then turned off.

    It will not even stay running long enough to configure the mail server components section in plesk.

    Any clues as to how to fix this would be very helpful.

  3. MulHo

    MulHo Guest

  4. topnetwork

    topnetwork Guest

    SmarterMail 5.5 on Plesk 8.4 - Can No longer Update Limits

    Unable to update any domain Limits. When OK is clicked on Limits page, receive error message:

    Top of page: "Error: Some fields are empty or contain an improper value."

    Field: Total mailboxes quota
    Error: "Setting up mail boxes quota is not supported by current mail server."

    Same error whether quota is set to any number or unlimited is checked. Unable to change any domain Limits since page will not save.

    Is their a patch for this problem?


    I found that the problem was with the domains having been deleted within SmarterMail (to save on licensing since their mail was disabled). Once the domains were created in SmarterMail, I could update limits in Plesk. (Then go back to SmarterMail and delete the domain... to reduce license requirements.)