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Cant Remove , Reinstall or Repair Plesk

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by anajera, Aug 18, 2004.

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  1. anajera

    anajera Guest

    This is the Scenario, I had Installed an RC1 version of Plesk 7 and was trying to install Plesk 7 for windows . However I had to Remove the old version. IN doing so I recieved an error and could not remove, repair or reinstall plesk or run Plesk.

    The errors i recieve if I try to do a repair or install the newer version is an Error 1722.

    If I do it from the add /remove programs it will give me an internall error 2343.

    I want to install the never version but I cant and I'm at my wits ends.
  2. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    Please contact Plesk support, they have an utility designed to clean after failed installations.
  3. anajera

    anajera Guest

    I contacted PlesK Support and told me to just wipe out the OS and just reinstall Plesk. That doesnt seem to be a logical and also a very time consuming fix. What is this utility you speak of...:confused:
  4. Maxx

    Maxx Guest

    Sorry double post.
  5. Maxx

    Maxx Guest


    That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Plesk should spank the boy who wrote that reply to your request. Plesk also need to be severly reprimanded for taking over peoples computers and not fully removing itself upon an add remove.

    I cross post this from other areas below. In order to remove it you MUST delete the registry key and in order to delete that key you MUST give yourself full permissions to do so. It is not an easy task. I know I have done it many times and was thankful for even remembering how to do it.

    Plesk should be taken to task for even mentioning to someone to remove the OS when they know FULL WELL that they have installed a very hard to remove registry key and that is the reason the program will NOT uninstall even after removing everything from add remove and cleaning directories.

    They should come in here and post the way to delete this key and tell customers that this key is what stops all add remove capability.


    You idiots at Plesk need to FIRE the fool who said to do that.

    In order to remove completely you must also remove Plesk from the registry. This is by no means an easy task. It will not allow you to remove it at all from the registry unless you give yourself full permissions to do so in each area that the registry file is located in.

    The keys were very hard to remove and I think Plesk is at total fault with this issue. They need to allow the program to be removed when the user wants it removed. I have had to re-install Plesk at least 7 times due to so many problems and issues with merging it with IIS and the program thus forcing a clean install each time.

    The first time or two I didn't know that it wouldn't completely remove itself until I went to the registry and tried to remove it.

    That opened up more problems with the permissions file. Once past that though you can then cleanly reinstall the program.

    But you MUST remove it that way in order to be able to do a fresh uninstall.

    BAD PLESK!! BAD DOG!!! For taking over our computers and refusing our requests to leave when we want you to leave.

  6. anajera

    anajera Guest

    bad plesk

    Yeah i agree fully with what you said... Bad plesk, bad dog.. They responded again to me by saying they need to access my computer remotely and I have to fill out of form. I really dont want to do that..

    Is there a specific registry key your talking about or just any reference to plesk in the registry?
  7. Maxx

    Maxx Guest

    I will go get that key location now for you...

    Back up your registry is what everyone says when playing with it. However since its Plesk and only Plesk you are playing with I would say don't let that bad puppy come back in the house with poo poo on its feet.

    HKEY LOCAL Machine



    It's not fun fooling with the forces of NATURE!!!! But trust me after you give your computer a break by removing it (Plesk) from the computer and allowing the computer to breath a bit from that stale air of Plesk you will then have but a small contingent of keys left in the Plesk registry.

    PSA config is one of those keys left.

    Then you must expand the config all the way out. You will get can't Can't open auth package. Ignore that warning. You then highlight it anyway and right click and see permisions.

    Then you must give yourself full permisions even though it will say you can only view them, make sure you go to advanced and give full permisions to everything in it until it says hey you sure you want to do this? Try to hit replace permission entries on all child objects as well as I think that was what I did. Continue to try and have it inherited to everything until it tells you something like hey you want this to apply to everything YES NO?

    Then once you hit yes you can then right click and remove it and one by one that dirty dog will get a bath and come home sparkling clean.

    Is this the exact way. No, because it's trial and error on the permissions. I have it installed now and would need to go back and try again to uninstall it and I just cant (wont) do that at the present.

    However you MUST remove this key...


    (Ed Wood)

    Once you have removed it then reboot and reinstall and take that mamma home......

  8. Maxx

    Maxx Guest

    By the way PLESK should come here and give these instructions to people instead of saying they have some utility to remove everything with.

    How can anyone write a utility for this and NOT give it to you when buying the program is beyond me?

    WHO wrote such a thing that would not allow removal???

    WHY write such a thing that will not allow removal????

    Why not give customers a break and tell them "Oh By the merry old way we have our program that will reside in the registry forever and a day...And if you try and remove it from there WE AT PLESK WILL NOT LET YOU!!!!!!!!"

    I have sat around and tried to think up words for Plesk






    Plesk, when it absolutely positivly must get done in 3 weeks..

    At Plesk we pride ourselves on saying

    REINTSTALL THE OS!!!!!!!!!!

    That will solve all your problems and the tech support guys as well.

    He no longer has to deal with you or the programs problems...

    Ar Plesk, we take pride in our ability to tell you the least amount of information as possible when using our product.

    Man, I spent so much time on this program and I still don't know what I am doing....


    At Plesk, TIME is never an issue...Were here from 8 to 5.. Your there from 8 to 8..
  9. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    I would appreciate more professional way of communication on this forum - I don't want to delete or edit any posts, this forum so far has been providing invaluable feedback for us, and let's keep it that way. While we, the people who develops and maintains Plesk, browse these forums when we have the spare time, they are not meant as an official support channel. Support team has their own contacts and a clear way of escalating the ticket to the top in the case you think that your issue is handled incorrectly. Bitching about it in public forum is just a waste of time.

    Now, there is a lot of emotions in your post, let's add some info. Clean removal of Plesk is a complcated technical problem, especially if the version originally installed was Beta software, clearly not intended for production. It is complicated because Plesk installs and configures many third-party products and system settings on the wide variety of systems with their own unique settings. Anything can go wrong here - we had 2 public beta releases, fixed a lot of reported issues, but that apparently was not enough.

    We also have created the utility I mentioned for cleaning of unsuccessfull uninstallations, but we wanted to test it first under our control, so it was given only to support, when we are sure that it is safe to use, we will publish it for download.

    The installer is constantly improving though, and with the release of the service pack 1 in the nearest future we hope to minimize the number of problems you might see.
  10. Maxx

    Maxx Guest


    So would I. However this forum has allot of people that usually end up never solving their problems or never getting a reply to their problems. I myself have walked all over this forum and seen so many posts go unanswered. The questions in some are of a highly technical nature, however the questions I have seen are answerable. The fact is your user base is pretty smart and has much in the way of ability to understand simple things or even complex ones.

    To then make programs that are both complex and simple means you will get both those type of questions on the forum. While I do understand that you try and spend time here I have noticed that this forum doesn't have much in the way of answers for the user buying public.

    You have a program that installs itself and doesn't let go, you also have this same program that seemingly will require many re-installs over the course of time. Yet because you don't want to tell the user base the removal instructions you jeapordize the user bases constructive time by making them uninstall a program that will not uninstall easily by using add remove making their very next install a bigger nightmare than before thus making them go to tech support which gives them either bad answers like reinstall the OS or forces them to pay good money to get the answers.

    Plesk seem to me to be a money machine, from having our own clients ending up at myplesk.com so your company can sell my customers products which is not even remotely fair or even remotely a good business deal for us as web hosts.

    You then have this same program which CAN be unintstalled by going to the registry with the correct sequence to unintstall it yet you neglect to tell the user base about this nifty little bug prefering to get the many sheep to the water trough to pay hefty fees for tech support for a set of problems that your programmers neglected to fix and your company neglects to tell people about.

    I spent more than two weeks daily for entire days trying to figure out the program for myself reading the documentation that your company delivers with the program.

    This was of almost no help. I then come here to the support forums for help and find posts with zero answers and posts with half answers or posts with solutions that were never posted by your staff and only small posts relating to issues that were fixed with hardly a word about the actual steps it took to fix them.

    I myself don't want to fall into the lame catagory by wasting my time asking questions from a place that will hardly give anyone else an answer much less me. I was not going to stop working and wait on a dead forum to answer my questions because many people were already standing in line ahead of me waiting for answers.

    Why then look foolish as well?

    I can easliy spend that time working on solutions which I did find.

    On my own.

    I have found forums to be an excellent way to answer questions about buggy programs and forums are the tech supports friend not the enemy.

    However this forum is made to answer only small questions prefering as it were to get you to fill out a support ticket and wait while someone wants to go browsing through your system. With todays identity theft and customers computers under constant attack by various people who have access to other peoples computers that can then sell that access to others when they lose their jobs. This is and was not something I wanted to just give in to.

    Letting just anyone in to see my system that I don't personally know is not in my policy manual and even then if I knew that person I would still be wary.

    Todays complex systems are harboring trojans of all manner and virus ladden bugs are placed on about every computer their is all in an effort to gain information on unsuspecting people like myself and usually these unsuspecting people are those who will TRUST anyone on their system up to and incuding tech support people who could easily use that to their own advantage later on.

    Don't say that at Plesk this can't happen. It happens everywhere these days and support should be aware that this is not something that everyone will want to sign up for.

    I would think that this should be a last resort and not a first line offensive strategy.

    Getting paid for answering questions is of course a business model and I dont want to speak of your business model compared to other models. You obviously have a program that MANDATES tech support to use it. Your advertising SCREAMS ease of use, yet when people get the program the program SCREAMS unintstall and reinstall over and over again.

    This may not be your fault but it begs the question, why pay for your companies problems? We already paid by buying the software and that should come with a measured line of support that is telephone oriented. Emailing forms with your entire system specs and passwords and so forth is a losing proposition with the hackers that are out there today who can hack shopping carts at will with all manner of credit card data on them.

    To then just give away the access to computers we have or own or manage to a faceless company who seems bent on directing our own clients to themselves at myplesk.com seems a bad bet in my opinion.
  11. Maxx

    Maxx Guest

    Continued from above because posting limits are in place.

    I am glad to be a part of your survey. But let me tell you, I make money based upon how much time I can devote to selling and getting my clients comfortable with me and my capabilities to serve them. When I spend most of that time just dealing with a program such as Plesk with its many inherent programming problems I end up spending less time making money for me and mine and more money is then spent paying you to end up helping me do my job or get back to doing my job which is taking care of my customers.

    This is of course not a good thing when every dollar these days is measured in productivity.

    If you are not productive you lose business, lose clients, lose money and all because you spent so much time and effort and money on just getting a basic hosting package to work.

    And the reason is clear behind this decsion, it is a business model. It says look we know we have a program that is out of the box a difficult one for people to understand, but we are not the only company that has this problem, matter of fact just look at Microsoft, they have more problems than we do. So next time you think this is a bad deal just look at all the other companies that do this to you daily and give us a break.

    Ok, I can live with that, but at least offer me and others a forum to vent our frustrations out and get answers to our questions by reliable people that know the program in and out. Force those tech support people to come here and answer those questions first because all that will do is lead to more sales for you in the future.

    A productive forum is one that shows that while the program might be buggy it is sure going to get solved if you come onto the forum. If it becomes to complex to solve and no one on the forum can solve it then ask that person to fill out a support ticket then and goto a paying model for his warm fuzzy feeling that he needs.

    That way the forum grows by the knowledge shared and so will your business.

    It will also show that you have the staff to handle problems and will show you care about each and every post. Why else would you be here at midnight solving problems by answering this post and the many others I have posted in?

    Sure your a mod and sure you wish to delete or ban but then when you start doing that you end up killing your business and eventually people that know what is up will go elsewhere as word spreads that you will ban paying customers who want answers to their questions.

    Eventually your company will be up for sale and easily bought out by some competitor that you were working to best for pennies on the dollar.

    This thought process shows you to be clueless in customer support. Bitching in a public forum is NEVER a waste of time. It is however a waste of time to post a question and then be practically ignored when it comes time to answer that question. I also consider the two weeks I spent on the program to be wasted.

    I learned Plesk and still need to continue to learn it. But I learned it at my own expense and not yours. Your company made money off of me and I lost money having to learn your programs finicky ways.

    However I am now up and running and satisfied with the program. I want to see Plesk and this forum get its act together and I would like to see the program and the company grow, but only if that company understands that the customer is always right, no matter what they say or do. That even though we may be wrong we are right because we took money out of our wallets to support you and help you pay your bills and feed your family.

    That is what America is all about and that is trust, trust in our economy and trust in our leaders and trust in the system we have which allows companies like yours to get paid from people like me.

    If you say that I am wasting time by bitching then you do not come from a customer service background where bitching is a right that a customer buys when he or she pays a company for a product.

    It is that bitching that ends up setting corporate policy and it ends up paying for executives to read our comments and take the lead to try and solve our problems, demands or requests.

    That so called bitching is how a company derives policy and future sales. If you take that right away you will certainly be buried along with all the other companies that have come and gone with bad business models and bad executives who didn't care about what the customers were saying about them or the products they sold.

    All that mattered was the bottom line and the bean counters on Wall Street and their fat wallets.

    To me every customer deserves a fair and even break and if you fail in that regard you have failed not only yourself but your company and in the end your country.


    Answer that question.

    Because once I figured out it was the registry key I removed it and the program. Why not just give everyone registry removal instructions? I think that the user base is pretty technically oriented and would probably be able to remove a registry key.

    So why keep that a secret?

    Why build a utility to remove a program that your company programmers designed to keep people from doing?

    MONEY baby.....

    That's why.

    It forces people to beg for help and in so doing provides the company with a seperate revenue chain.

    I do not think ours was because we downloaded it off your companies site two weeks ago. It wasn't a beta to the best of our knowledge.

    That situation seems a bit much when all you would have to do is just tell people how to remove a registry key. Why go through all this talk of when the utility is safe we will give it to the user base?

    I mean its a registry key, come on thats like an easy delete if you have the instructions on how to do it. But Plesk doesn't want to allow us to have control over that key which is why it is set to not allow you to have any access over it when you try and delete it.

    That is not complex at all, its simple basic economics.

    Just post the instructions and that's all you need to do. No muss, no fuss, no special tech team determining saftey and getting out the hard hats and trying to beta test the program before allowing the public to use it. I mean you already said to that other customer to contact support for the program so it must work right? I mean your already telling people to call to get it, why not just post it for download now?

    Could it be that while you have this guy on the phone you or someone in your capacity will try and sell an expensive support contract in the interim? Surely this customer has more than one question to ask thus getting him to admit that he needs help not only on the above problem but for other tech related stuff he needs to know. Which will mandate a sale for a contract for support.

    Just post the removal instructions of that key and people can get rid of it at will when they need to remove and reinstall the program.

    Sounds great to me, however I would ask that you design and implement a really good manual for troubleshooting the installation and configuring of the system. Telling everyone just how to make the program work and a step by step instruction manual on how to install, operate and manage the program.

    Making sure each area shows what to do in each step and then why you would want to do that step and what the application would be in general for that particular step. Then make sure you step by step show what could happen if you make a mistake and then show them how to correct that mistake they may have made on that step.

    This way even clueless n00bs like myself would understand such a complex system such as Plesk. ;)

  12. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    I see no point in continuing this thread filled with emotions and conspiracy theories. Removing Plesk is much more than one registry key, there is no intent to turn support into profit center, and so on.

    If you want to discuss Plesk support, or this forum itself, please create a separate thread in the "Suggestions and feedback" section.
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