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Certain people cannot email my server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by mysitemgt, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. mysitemgt

    mysitemgt Guest

    It seems I have always had some sort of issue regarding e-mail, but after reading the forum and knowledgebase and running the analyses at places like dnsreport.com I thought I was in great shape.

    Almost everyone can email me. However, occasionally someone can not. I have reports like "so and so sent me an email but I never got it." Not because it was spam or because of a typo or anything like that. I remoted in to one of these people and saw for myself that nothing she sent to any domain on my server was making it. I could email her, but she could not email me. I was watching the logs and never saw them connect to me. This person of course can send email to anybody in the world except me, so it seems.

    I am so sick of E-mail issues. I hate it. Plus, I followed all the steps in that other major post about spam and all that, and I hate to say it but although I have relaying allowed with authorization I was able to relay when I didn't tell Outlook that my server required authentication. I couldn't believe my eyes. If I told Outlook it did, then it would not relay unless I provided a good name & password but if I said it didn't require authorization it went right through.

    But most importantly is the other problem. Has anyone experienced this before? Any help would be greatly appeciated.