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change the default document for a site ?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by iis-newb, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. iis-newb

    iis-newb Guest

    How do I change the default document / directory index for a site on 7.5.1 on IIS ? I've not been able to find this thus far ...
  2. iis-newb

    iis-newb Guest

    Note: Please make no mention of .htaccess files of any type. This is not a linux server. IIS does not know what to do with .htaccess files. I seem to notice that every answer to this question involves modifying the httpd.conf (whether it be in linux or not).
  3. eara01

    eara01 Guest

    Well, I'm running 7.5.4 and through Plesk, it's here:



    Web Directories-->

    General tab-->


    Not sure where it is in 7.5.1

    Or are you looking at how to change this in IIS itself?
  4. iis-newb

    iis-newb Guest

    I've resorted to modifying this in IIS thus far. I do not see that option in 7.5.1 , I was looking for a way for users to modify this on their own. Is that available in the newer version of plesk or does that also require admin level access ?
  5. eara01

    eara01 Guest

    I just logged on as a 'client.' It seems that a 'client' has these options for the domains that belong to that client - in 7.5.4 anyway.

    I'm not sure if 'client' is what you mean by user.

    If you are thinking about upgrading, be sure you scour these forums as it appears some issues are fixed, and a few new quirks are introduced.
  6. iis-newb

    iis-newb Guest

    We are still in the process of migrating to 7.5.1 but I know a 7.5.4 update is in the future. Are their any major quirks that you know of off the top of your head that I should be weary of ?
  7. eara01

    eara01 Guest

    We're still evaluating Plesk for Windows, so I don't really know what is new and what isn't, except what I've read on the forum. For us, it looks like it's going to do quite nicely - a big driving factor is that we have access to very very good Windows people, but not so much Linux.

    Some issues I've seen:

    Running PHPMYADMIN causes the license key to reset and your key needs to be uploaded again (fix is in the troubleshooting forum)

    Some folks have been having trouble with web mail (we won't be using web mail so that doesn't concern me too much)

    There was mention of stats problems (specifically AWStats)

    You should check out the troubleshooting forum so you can make a more informed decision.
  8. iis-newb

    iis-newb Guest

    Thanks for the tips nonetheless. Good luck on your IIS venture.
  9. jruzvidzo

    jruzvidzo Guest

    This almost defeats the purpose.

    I've tried going through the Web Directories route as both admin and as a client, and either way I can't change the content page (default doc) for the / directory (httpdocs).

    What good is this feature if you can only do it for web/virtual directories below root?

    Or am I missing something? PSA 7.5.3/Win2003Stan