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Client Command Line Creation Issues

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by mitchkill, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. mitchkill

    mitchkill Guest

    Perhaps some of you folks can help me with this. I am adding a client via the command line. The line is as follows:
    client.exe -c vibm -company \"VIBM\" -name \"Earl Barnett - vibm\" -passwd \"vibm777\" -phone \"956-464-4846\" -email \"sales@christianwebservice.net\" -addr \"P.O. Box 1420\" -city "Donna\" -state \"TX\" -pcode \"78537\" -country \"US\"

    For some reason it will not work. It returns the message: "An error occured during client creation: Unable to set "login" argument's value ("vibm"): You can use lowercase alphanumeric, dash and underscore symbols in the login name. The login name should begin with an alphabetic symbol." Now the weird part is that I can change one letter in the login name so it is something like "cibm" and it works.

    Now before you think I already have a user named "vibm" let me tell you that I do not. I have searched the PSA database in MySQL for any instance of vibm anywhere. The only place it can be found is in the logs (where it is used as a part of the company name) and never as a user name. I've also looked in the list of users for my server. No vibm anywhere.

    The only thing I can figure is that there is a bug in the client.exe utility. Anybody else have any input/assistance to provide? Thanks!
  2. mitchkill

    mitchkill Guest

    Wouldn't you know that thirty seconds after I posted this it occured to me what the problem was. The problem here is that I had a login name of vibm and a password of vibm777. Plesk will not allow you to have your password be the same as or contain your username. I changed the password and it works. Wish Plesk had better error messages on these command-line utilities!