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Control Panel Access

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Pharaoh, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Guest


    I have just installed Plesk and seem to be having trouble with outside access.
    I can access the control panel on any machine in the LAN, but I can't view it outside the Lan.
    I have opened Port 8334 ( sorry :8443 )on the router. is there anything else i have to do?

    Could someone please point me in the right direction.

  2. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    Port 8443
  3. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Guest

    sorry that is what i meant.
  4. torwill

    torwill Basic Pleskian

    Jun 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    it is port 8443, not 8334
  5. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Guest

    Yes, thank you. I had already sid that i got the numbers wrong and actualy meant 8443.


    Dose no one have an idea as to what may be causing this??
  6. lordElrond

    lordElrond Guest

    If i am not mistaked, for plesk to work properly you will need more ports open on your router than just 8443.

    in this directory: C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\admin\bin

    look at a file: pfwmng.js
    plesk firewall config file give basic ports used by plesk.

    ("20",21,22,25,53,80,110,143,443,465,993,995,3389,8443,30000); var PortsUDP = new Array ("0", 53, 53, 0, 123, 123); var ICMP = new Array ("0",3,8);
  7. Xtreme-IT

    Xtreme-IT Guest

    @lordElrond: those ports are the default ports used in the Firewallmodule. This has nothing to do with the ports needed for the CP access.

    Check the Firewallmodule on the Plesk server to see which source IP's have access to localhost port 8443 tcp (statefull). If this says "any" the problem isn't your Plesk box.

    Than you have to look further, how do you browse from your "outside" client, if you use a proxy, it propably doesn't allow SSL traffic on another port than 443. Try altering the proxy settings.
    If you have a direct non-firewalled connection, like a dailup internet connection, this most likely isn't the problem. Look at your firewall/router connecting your Plesk box to the internet, does it forward port 8443 inside? does it forward it to the correct host?