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Corrupt named.conf

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by serlank, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. serlank

    serlank Guest


    For the second time in 3 months, /etc/named.conf was corrupted.

    I had to manually delete the corrupt zones, and ran dnsmng to update the zones in named.conf.

    Has anybody had the same problem before?

    I did a search on the forums, but couldn't find anybody with the exact same problem.

    I'm running psa v7.5.4_build75060321.21 os_RedHat 9

  2. JD Austin

    JD Austin Guest

    Question: how did you figure out they were corrupt?
  3. serlank

    serlank Guest

    I restarted my server, and noticed that named wasn't running.
  4. rvdmeer

    rvdmeer Guest

    Couple of months ago there was an update regarding corrupt named config. Do you have an example? just to see if you got the same corrupt file?
  5. serlank

    serlank Guest

    Unfortunately I don't have an example.

    But as far as I can remember it was the zones that were all wrong. Half of the zone declaration was missing, etc.

    If it ever happens again, I'l make a copy of the file.
  6. JD Austin

    JD Austin Guest

    mailman permission / ownership issue

    I encounterd an update about a year ago that munged my named.conf file. I had to edit a few lines and save it, it's been fine ever since.

    I fixed my mailman issue tonite.
    Thanks to this guy that wrote a simple C script to change the group number on the fly when it's wrong:

    Why popuser is user 110 and group 101 I don't understand...