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cPanel to PSA8

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Chris Garson, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Chris Garson

    Chris Garson Guest


    I have been looking to switch from cPanel for quite some time and finally took the initiative to do it. I ordered a PSA 8 server with intention to use the migration tool to copy over accounts. Of course, since these are two completely different systems, I would expect some small issues regarding migration. However, problems have been a little more than I had expected and I was hoping there is someone that has gone through this and knows the answer. The two top issues I'm having are:

    1. Not transferring databases
    2. Not transferring the emails themselves into the accounts

    It would transfer the account, set it up rather correctly, but refuse to transfer databases or emails themselves. In the dump.xml left on the source server, it is supposed to outline the databases that the account has, but there is no data where this should be. In the cPanel9.dtd, it has a parser for the database fields. I eventually found the migration.log file in which I saw a strange error regarding databases that it could not connect with the username "root" and using password = 'no'. I finally found where this login info is specified: right at the top of the cPanel9.pl file. I changed the data, tried the migration again, and though the error went away, there was still no trace of databases. I looked through the cPanel9.pl script to find the database dumping portion. I found it and it is supposed to write to the log that it is dumping a database. However, there are no such messages in the log. I am not much of a Perl scripter, but the code does look correct; I do not know why it is not dumping the databases. Though it would be easy to take all the databases, create a dump, and restore it on the PSA server, there is no way to associate them correctly with the accounts.. or is there? I receive no errors after the migration has completed.

    Due to what I have read about PSA8, I decided to pay the $25 and do an automated format back to PSA 7.5 to try that. I got the same result with no databases or email. Eventually, I kept getting an error that the connection with the agent "had been lost". I submitted a ticket to TP about this whole issue in which I never got a real reply to.. but I don't blame them, this isn't their problem. I also submitted a ticket to SWSoft yesterday morning in which I still do not have a reply. I called earlier this morning and I talked to a tech that said he was going to do some research and get back to me within the hour. He also said something about the migration manager not being able to transfer the emails themselves due to the difference between exim and qMail. I am willing to do this manually, but I do not know how to. So if someone could point me in that direction as well, that would be great.

    I do like PSA a lot better than cPanel, minus, of course, the migration manager. If it doesn't work, don't include it and I wouldn't have had to go through all this for hours and hours. It's a shame when you have to debug software that you pay for. I have researched this for hours, and there aren't as many people that have tried this as I had hoped. Any comments, help, guidance, or anything is highly appreciated. If someone is really experienced in working with these specific issues, I am willing to pay to get this done correctly.

    TP has been great in working with me and service has been great as always. I don't blame them in not knowing much about this, but I hope there is someone there that does. I will submit another ticket regarding this issue once the server is back up and hopefully I can get a reply.

    Alternatively, if someone can give me a somewhat efficient way of doing this manually, I would be willing to do it.

    Thanks for reading,
    Chris G