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Create Subdomain on different home with RCP API

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by jebbie23, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. jebbie23

    jebbie23 Guest

    Hello out there,

    i am using Plesk RCP API with a PHP Project and basically it works fine. I need to create several subdomains on my server through the RCP API and there is a huge issue in my eyes:

    <packet version="">

    It's like the documentation says in the examples ("Creating a subdomain on subfolder"):

    So, it should work! At least that's what i think...

    So, i currently don't really know where is the "start-point" of this "home"-parameter... So i tried some variants of the "home-path"... but on any value i choose, it's happening always the same stuff:

    the response says status=ok, the creation of the subdomain works and it points always to the same directory:


    Thats not nice! Because the documentation is saying clearly that it must be possible!

    When i go to the config file "httpd.include" of my "maindomain.com", i see that the subdomain is created completely wrong, just ingoring the whole "home-parameter" of my api call..

    and when i change there the directory directly in the "httpd.include" file, and restart the server.. the subdomain is working like a charm, pointing directly to the folder of the maindomain.com -.-

    Why this odd behavior? What am i making wrong? I have searched the whole web about this issue, and all i find are some other threads, asking exactly the same (but not written with so much information, so i decided to create a new thread) -> but there is never an answer about that...
  2. jebbie23

    jebbie23 Guest

    Ok funny.. i have found the solution by myself.

    It was the Plesk Version... sorry i'm still verry new in Plesk and.. yea.. later on the evening yesterday, i found the command-line tool "subdomain" inside of psa/bin

    In the manual of this tool, there was missing an option "--www-root".. so i thought, maybe my plesk version just can't handle the change of the home-directory... So i made an update from Plesk 9 to 10 and hurray, its working now from the API!