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Custom named.conf configuration

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by crossconnect, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. crossconnect

    crossconnect Guest

    I would like to be able to write custom configurations for the named.conf file.

    In my situation some different domains have different sets of secondary servers, so I would like to be able to define different allow-transfer servers per domain, and in some cases also-notify settings per domain. I realise that Plesk automatically includes the common ACL and any servers which have an NS record, but in some cases I need to include servers which do not appear in an NS record.

    I'd also like to specify allow-recursion, query-source and notify-source settings in the options section.

    I'm used to doing this by editing zone files directly but I am moving over to Plesk. Is it safe to edit named.conf? Will Plesk ever overwrite custom settings in the options section, or within a zone entry?

    (Note, I am not talking about editing zone files, just the named.conf file)
  2. Lars@

    Lars@ Guest

    /etc/named.conf gets overwritten very time a new domain is created / deleted or updated (Master or Slave DNS)

    Is it possible to deactivate the generation and modification of the zonefiles in Plesk?

    My personal Plesk-Hell™ sets primary and secondary nameservers at random in the zonefiles.


  3. crossconnect

    crossconnect Guest

    I've now done my own experimentation and it seems that custom configuration within the options directive is kept even when adding/removing domains.

    Custom configuration within zone directives is also kept when adding/removing domains, but when you modify the zone data from the control panel the zone section in named.conf for that particular domain gets overwritten, which kind of defeats the purpose of custom allow-transfer and also-notify directives. I'm still looking into things, and I think I have a solution, so I'll post more in case anyone is interested.

    Oh, and Lars, take a chill pill and change your signature.
  4. Tozz

    Tozz Regular Pleskian

    Jun 30, 2006
    Likes Received:
    First, I'd like to comment that not having a proper way to define custom options to named in Plesk is a very bad thing. I would like to use hidden master, and Plesk makes this practicly impossible.

    As crossconnect mentions, the /etc/named.conf doesn't seem to get overwritten upon adding/removing a zone. So you can add your options there.
    I also found that in /opt/psa/tmp there is a file run-root.tar containing the default named.conf file. You might (as a precaution) also add your lines there and update the tarball.

    (checked with plesk 11.5 on Debian Wheezy 7)