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disk space and mailbox quota

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Jenty, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Jenty

    Jenty Guest

    guys, help me out please.. i don't understand
    how psa handles over quota events. It works well with disk space (let's say i can't upload more files into httpdocs), but what happens when client is over his mail quota ? I tested two ways:

    1) set disk_space for a client to 1mb and mbox_quota to unlimited. sent >1mb to test email account - got warning from scheduler that client is over quota, but i can still send emails to that box (no error from mta).

    2) set disk_space to 10 mb and mbox_quota to 1mb - can send as many emails as i want without warning.

    so how can i control disk space usage per client ?

    Thanks for tips.
  2. pavel

    pavel Guest

    Mail box quota is controlled by MailEnable.
    Latest version of MailEnable could delay quota verification for up to 20 minutes to improve server performance.

    Client-level disk space limit is an account ing only parameter, current disk usage is calculated from time to time by the internal statistics utility and email notification will be sent in case of disk overusage You can manage items that will be included in the disk usage calculation on Plesk CP -> Server -> Preferences page
  3. Jenty

    Jenty Guest

    hm that's strange as my test account is over quota for about 24h and i can still send emails to the box - maybe i missed some other configuration parameter.

    Can you please clearify which parameters should i use to get "Disk Quota Exceeded" when trying to send an email to account which is over quota ?
    And is mbox_quota (if that works) counted in clients disk_space or is it additional space ?

    currently i set such parameters:
    client_pref.exe : -disk_space

    domain.exe: -hard_quota (because if it's unlimited you can upload as many files as you want, why?).

    and mbox_quota is unlimited both in client_pref and domain_pref (why is this parameter in both utilities?).

    thank you,
  4. pavel

    pavel Guest

    Mailbox quota for the particular mailname can be set in Plesk CP -> Domains -> domain.com -> Mail -> mailname@domain.com -> Mailbox.

    mbox_quota in client and domain preferences limits maximum possible mailbox size for mailnames created under this client / domain. F.e. is you'll set mailbox quota in domain preferences to 10 Mb you will not be able to set mbox quota for particular mailname, created under this domain to anything above 10 Mb.
  5. Jenty

    Jenty Guest

    Pavel, i try to understand, but i still don't get this: suppose i have a client and i sell him 100mb of disk space - i want to specify this parameter and forget about particular mailboxes and stuff (no need to limit the size of certain mailbox - not my bussines). I want to know that he'll be able to put documents into httpdocs until quota is reached or if he puts 1mb of documents - i want the rest of 99mb to be free for his emails, logs and stuff. But when any of the quotas is reached (100mb of emails or 100mb of documents) i want to know that he'll not be able to receive emails (as his quota is reached) nor to put any more documents.

    So how do i set this ?

    P.S. in domain limits (gui) i see this:
    Mailbox quota (not supported by the mail server) 1024 KB

    so i suppose there's no sense of setting this parameter ?

  6. pavel

    pavel Guest

    It is not possible to set hard limit for everything that client / domain owner can own. Disk space parameter in is not a hard disk quota for all the things at once but a barrier that will trigger email notification in case if actual usage will go over this limit. In other words it's a "soft" disk quota, not a "hard" one.
    Only two hard disk quotas can be managed - disk quota for files in web space and disk quota for particular mailbox.
  7. saidk

    saidk Guest

    Mail Limits Get exceeded

    I have peculiar problem that I have unlimited quotas set everywhere for domain and email boxes and yet any email withy a size of 10 megs or over gets rejected. Can you guys think why this would be.

    Thank you
  8. Amrelsheikh

    Amrelsheikh Guest

    Need to know current disk space for each Mail box

    I had made all my E-mail boxes with unlimited disk space, now i need to know current disk space each E-mail box is occupying, can you guide me how to do this?