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DLL Error, Please Help!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by kjackson, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. kjackson

    kjackson Guest

    Just got PLESK 7 for Windows setup. The box is Win2k Advance Server. I set up several sites successfully, but after about the 7th one, I keep getting the following error whenever I attempt to browse ANY of the sites hosted on the server:

    "A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed."

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.


  2. kjackson

    kjackson Guest

  3. Nivahost

    Nivahost Guest


    I would suggest to switch to Windows 2003 STD instead of Win 2000.

    I think PLESK 7 for Windows works on 2003 servers much better.

    I am using PLESK 7 on WIN 2003STD server for over 1,5 months now and NO problems at all.

  4. kjackson

    kjackson Guest

    i see... i might consider that, thanks.

    does, anyone else have other recommendations with regard to win2k, though?

    this doesn't really make sense since it was working fine till about site #7... then it just started throwing this error?

    thanks again,

  5. ad7742

    ad7742 Guest


    Do you, by any chance, have the ColdFusion extension installed and enabled on this domain?


  6. kjackson

    kjackson Guest

    Yes, I absolutely do -- could this be causing the issue? Is there some way to fix it without upgrading to win2k3?

  7. ad7742

    ad7742 Guest

    Right! I think you'll like this then... :)

    I have just experienced this problem myself, and have found a fix (well, it works on my system, anyway!).

    Starting with the basics, the reason that this error is occurring is that the jrun.dll (the ColdFusion library) is not getting initialised properly. On my configuration there appeared to be two reasons for this.

    The first reason is a configuration problem. Plesk 7 on Windows 2000 (with the ColdFusion module enabled) puts a mapping to the JRun.dll in IIS with a wildcard (for some unknown reason!). What this means is that when ColdFusion is enabled on a particular domain, every single file that's requested is parsed by ColdFusion... which I'm pretty sure ain't right. I am pretty sure that the wildcard (in IIS5) means that any file (even, e.g., a .gif) will be parsed as a ColdTusion template! That would add a huge amount of server load.

    There appears to be only one solution to this problem, and that's manual. You need to open IIS, right-click on the web site that's broken, select Properties, go to the Home Directories tab, click Configuration and then remove the mapping which has the extension *

    Plesk support: Any chance of removing this wildcard mapping, or is it there for a reason?

    The second problem is that the jrun.dll that comes with the Plesk installer does not have all of the required files. You will find a .dll in the directory "C:\CFusionMX\runtime\lib\wsconfig\" called jrun.dll. This alone is not enough to connect to ColdFusion; two more files are needed.

    In the same folder there must also be a file called jrun.ini with the following contents:

    #errorurl=<optionally redirect to this URL on errors>

    There must also be a file called jrunserver.store (as specified in the serverstore line, above) with the following one line of content:


    (There should be no newline at the end of this file - it's just that one line)

    Now restart the ColdFusion MX Application Service and the World Wide Web Publishing Service and that _should_ work.

    As yet I don't know whether these changes will ever get overwritten by Plesk (I've only made the change this morning and haven't rebooted or restarted Plesk since), so this may not be a permanent solution. I'm also looking into preventing Plesk from adding the incorrect wildcard mapping permanently, but no joy so far. I'll post here with further info if I'm successful.

    Finally, I'll also post this as a bug with Plesk support proper, and see what happens!

    Oh... this is my final point, actually... note that there is a known security hole in mapping .jsp extension files to the jrun.dll file. See the Macromedia Security recommendation here:


    Hope this info helps!

  8. kjackson

    kjackson Guest

    Amazing, Andy! Thank you very much for your thorough response. :D

    I will try the things you've suggested in your reply and post back here to confirm whether or not this (temporary?) solution could possibly work for others experiencing this issue!

  9. kjackson

    kjackson Guest

    Okay Andy,

    I'm quite pleased to report that, after performing your suggested steps to correct the problem, my websites have started functioning again.

    I also should mention that I *did* reboot (you mentioned that you hadn't) and both the JRUN.INI as well as the JRUNSERVER.STORE files I created on my box survived, untouched.

    However, it doesn't appear that PLESK is doing any better when it comes to adding the CF service to a domain -- it is still adding that pesky wildcard Application Mapping!

    I'm really glad you're submitting this to SWSoft as a bug since the fact remains that you must still *manually* remove the wildcard jrun.dll application mapping any time a client wishes to utilize coldfusion -- I can just imagine the horror of trying to manage a server with 100 resellers with a 1000 websites each all wanting to use CF... :eek:

    You've been most helpful - please do post again when you know more about the bug status.


  10. ad7742

    ad7742 Guest

    FYI Got the following response:

    Thank you for this useful feedback.
    I have submitted your report and the solution to our developers.
    I'm sure it will be fixed in the next patch/version.

    Let's wait and see what happens, then, eh?!

  11. kjackson

    kjackson Guest

    Definately. Fingers crossed that the next patch will be soon. ;)

    Thanks again for your help with this issue!