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DNN Error linked to DB issues in Plesk 8.6?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by coolvibe, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. coolvibe

    coolvibe Guest

    I recently paid a consultant to connect SQL Server 2005/express to plesk. Before, I was setting up the DBs in windows server. I wanted to add the DB to Plesk so that I could install DNN easier and I would not have to pay someone every time I wanted to install it. I uploaded a DNN install file (forgot what it was called) and I was able to perform DNN installs with no problem, it seemed. I did not know there was a problem until I tried to install modules to a page. The modules would get all sorts of errors. I then went to the DNN forum and that's where they told me my issue was a SQL issue, not a DNN issue. They said it has something to do with the string settings. This whole problem started right after I had the SQL Server 2005 express connected to Plesk. Has anyone seen this problem before and more importantly do you know how to solve it?

  2. coolvibe

    coolvibe Guest

    WTH is going on here ????

    I'm having a SQL error with Plesk and no one can help me?
  3. coolvibe

    coolvibe Guest

    SQL 2005 express no longer working after connection to Plesk

    About one month ago I had paid a consultant to connect my install of SQL Server 2005 express. Before this connection, I had no problems with SQL Server or DNN. It seemed like the connection to Plesk was successful. I was able to install DNN with no problem. Then I tried installing modules to DNN. This is where the problems started. I first received an error loading the DNN blog module. Here's a link to that forum entry.


    I have tried new DBS and they all seem to have an issue after being connected to Plesk. I know it's may be something small. But, I or the consultant who connected it know what's wrong.

    The web address of my dnn install is www.coolvibeonline.com/talent

    The host login = host

    Password = Travertin3

    The error statement for the blog module can be found on the blog page.